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You asked. We listened!

You've told us that you want access to Stata on the latest and greatest Macs. And we listened.

On November 2020, Apple announced its first set of Macs with Apple Silicon featuring the Apple M1 chip. The M1 chip promises greater performance and greater power efficiency. This will be of great interest to our Stata-for-Mac users, many of whom use Mac laptops. StataCorp had been working on porting Stata to Apple Silicon since Apple first announced it was transitioning from Intel processors to Apple Silicon. We released a universal version of Stata that would run on both Apple Silicon and Intel processors the same day the new Macs were announced.

Although this first set of Macs is considered to be an entry-level set, we have found that M1 Macs natively running Stata outperform Intel Macs by 30–35%. They even greatly outperform Intel Macs that cost more than twice as much!

Existing Stata 16 users can simply update within Stata, and Stata will install a universal application that will run on Macs with Apple Silicon as well as on Macs with Intel processors. The Stata-for-Mac installer now includes universal versions of Stata.

Stata functions the same way regardless of whether you're running Stata natively on an M1 Mac or on an Intel Mac, and no special license is required for the M1 Mac. Intel Mac users should note that we will continue to support and release new versions of Stata for Macs with Intel processors for years to come.

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