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Search Roper iPoll—the world's largest public opinion archive

Get access to over 85 years' worth of public opinion data with Roper iPoll, offered by the Roper Center for Public Opinion Research at Cornell University. The Roper Center is the preeminent global resource for U.S. and international public opinion polling results. It serves as the formal archive of record for the most reputable data providers, such as Gallup, Pew, AP, CBS, ABC, AARP, and many more.

We recognize the importance of finding good data, so we proudly support Roper iPoll, which can help you identify studies and datasets that are useful for your research. Easily search by keywords, topics, dates, and survey firm to immediately locate poll results on important issues facing the country. Filtering tools permit researchers to refine search results to home in on the most relevant material. Demographic breakdowns are available for many questions. And when you find data you need, you can download them in many formats, such as a Stata dataset or as .csv files that can be easily imported into Stata.

The Roper Center recently announced new features to Roper iPoll through an improved user interface. Check to see if your organization is a member, and start your search of over 725,000 questions and 25,000 studies on Roper iPoll.

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