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Free updates to Stata

We introduced many new features in Stata 16. But we didn't stop there. In free updates to Stata 16, we have added quite a few more.

Here are some of our favorites.

  • Working with large datasets? The use command allows you to read only a subset of your data into memory. Although this is not new, the dialog box is and makes it easy to browse a dataset, filter variables based on names and labels, and then read in only the portion of the dataset. See how this works.

  • In Stata 16, we introduced the meta suite for performing meta-analysis and the meta forestplot command for displaying the results. In the most recent update, we've added many new customization options for forest plots. You can now insert vertical lines for the overall effect size and no effect size, include variables from your dataset in the plot, add a prediction interval, include multiple estimates of the overall effect size, and more. See how these new features work.

  • Stata's meologit, meoprobit, and mecloglog commands fit multilevel ordinal logit, ordinal probit, and complementary log-log models. You can now use estat icc to estimate intraclass correlations after each of these commands.

  • Reports in Word documents can be further customized. Hyperlinks can now be inserted into tables and text. In addition, the putdocx textblock command, which allows you to insert large blocks of text, now allows more control over paragraph spacing and line wrapping.

  • Do you use nestreg or stepwise for variable selection? These commands now allow factor variables for including categorical variables and interactions in your model. So, if you type, for instance,

    . regress y x1 x2 i.x3 c.x2#i.x3 x4 x5

    to include all variables in your model, you can now type
    . nestreg: regress y (x1 x2) (i.x3) (c.x2#i.x3) (x4 x5)

    to fit and compare nested models. The stepwise prefix can be used similarly for stepwise estimation with factor-variable notation.

  • Need larger graphs? graph's xsize() and ysize() options now allow you to set the height and width up to 100 inches. What's more, you can now specify these sizes in inches, centimeters, or printer points.

Ready to try them out? Type

. update all

in your copy of Stata 16 to download these and all the other new features we've added.

Don't have Stata 16? Upgrade today and access all the new features.





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