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The Stata Blog: Not Elsewhere Classified

On our blog, we talk about all sorts of things. We try to be informative. We try to be entertaining. Sometimes, we even try to be both. For a taste of what you might find on the blog, we highlight just a few posts:

In "How to automate common tasks", Vince Wiggins shows you how to write do-files and even full Stata programs to automate tasks that you routinely perform.

In "Calculating power using Monte Carlo simulations", Chuck Huber teaches you how to calculate power using simulation and how to incorporate your code in Stata's official power command to easily create tables and graphs of the results.

In "Web scraping NBA data into Stata", Kevin Crow demonstrates how to scrape player and team statistics from the NBA website using the nba2stata command created by our intern Chris Hassell.

In "Understanding matrices intuitively ", William Gould teaches you how to think about matrices—how they transform a space, what happens if they are singular, how they are used in regression, and what eigenvectors and eigenvalues really are.

In "Scheming your way to your favorite graph style", Kristin MacDonald demonstrates how to change the style of your graphs by applying different graph schemes.

In "Gelman–Rubin convergence diagnostic using multiple chains", Nikolay Balov shows you how to use the Gelman–Rubin diagnostic to evaluate convergence when fitting a Bayesian model.

Given the eclectic nature of these posts, you can see why our blog is aptly titled "Not Elsewhere Classified".

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