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Stata Conference Stata Conference
Chicago 2016
July 28–29, 2016, at the Gleacher Center

Looking to increase your Stata IQ, or perhaps just want an excuse to enjoy a few days in the city that is second to none? You can’t miss the 2016 Stata Conference, which will be held next summer in Chicago (immediately before the 2016 Joint Statistical Meetings).

Call for presentations

All users are encouraged to submit abstracts for possible presentations on any Stata-related topic, including:

  • New community-contributed commands for model estimation, graphing, data management, results reporting, or other purposes
  • New approaches for using Stata to manage or analyze data, for programming Stata or Mata, or for using Stata together with other software or frameworks
  • Innovative use or evaluations of existing Stata commands
  • New analytic methods of particular relevance to Stata users
  • Case studies of using Stata for specific applications or in specific disciplines or settings
  • Methods and resources for teaching statistics with Stata or for teaching the use of Stata
  • Comparisons of Stata to other software

Read all the submission guidelines and submit your abstracts.

Scientific committee

Phil Schumm
The University of Chicago
Department of Public Health Sciences

Richard Williams
University of Notre Dame
Department of Sociology

Scott Long
Indiana University
Department of Sociology

Matias Cattaneo
University of Michigan
Department of Economics

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