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Stata Prof+ PlanTM

The Stata GradPlan is now Stata Prof+ Plan. We've changed the name, but it is still the same great program that brings our best prices to faculty and staff at participating universities.

Prof+ Plan makes it both easy and inexpensive for faculty and staff at select institutions to own single-user licenses of Stata. Prof+ Plan licenses are not limited in any way—they give you access to everything in Stata but at special low prices. You will receive a full-featured, robust version of Stata with each purchase—no additional modules, no additional fees.

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New purchases
Stata/BE Stata/SE Stata/MP 2-core Stata/MP 4-core Stata/MP 6-core Stata/MP 8-core
New purchases
Annual licenses $125 / annual $195 / annual $295 / annual $425 / annual $510 / annual $595 / annual
Two year licenses $245 / 2-year
$385 / 2-year
$580 / 2-year
$835 / 2-year
$1,005 / 2-year
$1,170 / 2-year
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How to purchase with Stata Prof+ Plan

Prof+ Plan licenses and discounts extend to all faculty and staff at participating universities.

Stata Prof+ Plan Courses

If you are teaching a course using Stata software, but your university does not participate in the Prof+ Plan, sign up with Prof+ Plan Courses.

  • Prof+ Plan Courses makes it easy for individual instructors teaching with Stata to receive Prof+ Plan discounts.
  • Faculty members register their courses for free online. There are no contracts to sign and no minimum purchase requirements.
  • Sign up with Prof+ Plan Courses.





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