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8:15–9:15 Advanced data visualizations with Stata part V: Hierarchical data Abstract: This presentation will focus on visualizing complex hierarchical relational datasets through a suite of new packages, including sankey, alluvial, treemap, circlepack, circlebar, and sunburst.

Asjad Naqvi
Austrian Institute of Economic Research (WIFO), International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA), and Vienna University of Economics and Business (WI)
9:15–9:55 Influence analysis with panel data using Stata Abstract: The presence of anomalous observations in a dataset can severely affect least-squares estimates that are, by construction, sensitive to extreme cases.
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This presentation formalizes statistical measures to quantify the degree of leverage and outlyingness of units in a panel-data framework and outlines the two community-contributed commands used to conduct the proposed influence analysis.

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Annalivia Polselli
University of Essex
9:55–10:55 Introduction to difference in differences in Stata 17 Abstract: Stata 17 introduced two commands to fit difference-in-differences (DID) and difference-in-difference-in-differences (DDD) models.
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This presentation will briefly introduce the concepts and jargon of DID and DDD models and then show how to fit the models by using the new commands.

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Chuck Huber
10:55–11:35 Rolling estimation methods for staggered difference in differences Abstract: This presentation will discuss relatively efficient regression, propensity-score, and doubly robust estimation methods in settings with staggered policy interventions. The estimators and standard errors can be obtained using existing Stata commands.

Jeffrey M. Wooldridge
Michigan State University
11:35–12:25 Panel discussion
Stata authors' tips with Colin Cameron (UC Davis), Demetris Christodoulou (University of Sydney) and Irma Mooi-Reci (University of Melbourne)
12:50–1:20 Open panel discussion with Stata developers
Contribute to the Stata community by sharing your feedback with StataCorp's developers. From feature improvements to bug fixes and new ways to analyze data, we want to hear how Stata can be made better for our users.
1:20–1:50 Building connected dashboards using Stata Abstract: Dashboards have become essential tools for business managers to understand their performance, the issues they face, and the risks just around the corner.
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In this presentation, we will show how Stata can create a dashboard and make it accessible to people in a company or an organization. We use tools already available in Stata to extract data from an organizational database, analyze the data in Stata, and make the analyzed information available in an interactive dashboard.

David White
Survey Design and Analysis Services
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Laura Whiting
Survey Design and Analysis Services
1:50–2:20 Stata coding practice in economics: A survey and recommendations Abstract: This presentation reviews the style of scripts or code used for data analysis with Stata in applied economics research and provides recommendations for the creation of higher-quality code.

Joe Hirschberg
University of Melbourne
2:20–2:50 How plots helped solve the mystery of the interrupted time-series aggregation bias Abstract: Interrupted time-series (ITS) designs are often used to evaluate the impact of public health interventions targeted at populations.
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This presentation argues that, when aggregating ITS observations over time, correction to the level change estimate may be required to avoid aggregation bias; it also argues that plots are effective methods for identifying, understanding, and providing potential solutions for unexpected results in numerical simulation studies.

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Simon Turner
Cochrane Australia and Monash University
2:50–3:20 Plot suite: Fast graphing commands for very large datasets Abstract: This presentation will showcase the functionality of the heavily updated plot suite of graphing commands.
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The suite excels in visualizing very large datasets, enabling users to produce a variety of highly customizable plots in a fraction of the time required by Stata's native graphing commands.

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Jan Kabatek
Melbourne Institute

Scientific committee

Susanna Cramb
Queensland University of Technology
John de New
The University of Melbourne
Mathias Sinning
Australian National University

Logistics organizer

The logistics organizer for the 2023 Oceania Stata Conference is Survey Design and Analysis Services (SDAS), the distributor of Stata in Australia, Indonesia, and New Zealand.

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