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Call for presentations

The 10th Oceania Stata Conference takes place virtually on 9 February 2023.

The theme for this conference is "Discovery in 2023: A data driven journey with Stata. Using Stata in reproducible, evidence-based knowledge creation". The scientific committee is seeking presentations on innovative use of Stata's features.

Presentation guidelines

The scientific committee is looking for a wide variety of submissions outlining Stata applications in areas such as report generation, economics, econometrics/estimators, graphics, visualization, medicine, population health, epidemiology, data analytics, social sciences, text analysis, geospatial data analysis, Stata interacting with other languages (such as R, Python, and Julia) data interfaces, etc.

Presentations on the following topics would be appreciated:

  • Use of new Stata integrations (for example, Python, Java, or H20).
  • Innovative use of reproducible analysis.
  • Complex automation in Stata.
  • Advanced reporting, creation of dashboards, or output to HTML.
  • Demonstration of advanced data science.
  • Development of community-contributed commands.

For examples of past presentations, view the proceedings page.

Submitting your presentation

If you are interested in presenting, submit an abstract of no more than 250 words (ASCII text, no math symbols) in PDF format. Please include a short, informative title and indicate an estimated presentation time. Presentations should range from 20–40 minutes in length followed by a brief discussion time.

Include your name, affiliation, and phone number. If your presentation has multiple authors, please identify the presenter.

The deadline for submissions is 9 December 2022.

Submit abstract

Visit the official conference page for more information.

Scientific committee

Susanna Cramb
Queensland University of Technology
John P de New
The University of Melbourne
Mathias Sinning
Australian National University


Registration is free, but space is limited.

Register for conference

Visit the official conference page for more information.

Logistics organizer

The logistics organizer for the 2023 Oceania Stata Conference is Survey Design and Analysis Services (SDAS), the distributor of Stata in Australia, Indonesia, and New Zealand.

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