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The third Colombian Stata Conference will take place virtually 6–8 September 2022.

Experts from various areas, through applied cases, will address procedures and methodological aspects related to data science. Learn about the new features that Stata has for Bayesian statistics, lasso regression, epidemiological surveillance, linear panel models, time series, and more.


All times are in Colombia Standard Time (UTC -5)

Day 1: Tuesday, 6 September

3:00–4:00 Introduction to Bayesian Statistics using Stata Abstract: Researchers' interest in the use of Bayesian regression analysis has increased considerably in recent years.
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One of the reasons for this increased interest is that a wide variety of models can be accommodated in this alternative regression approach. For example, a variety of multilevel, multiequation, ad hoc Bayesian models can be fit by combining prior functions and likelihood functions that are already available in Stata.

In this presentation, I will provide an intuitive introduction to Bayesian analysis concepts and demonstrate how to fit Bayesian models. I will also discuss some of the postestimation and prediction tools available in Stata.

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Dr. Isabel Cañette
4:00–5:00 Introduction to lasso using Stata Abstract: The lasso command package is available as of Stata 16 and has enhanced features in Stata 17.
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You can use lasso to perform model selection and prediction for continuous, binary, and count outcomes, plus use state-of-the-art methods to make inferences on the variables of interest, while lasso selects the control variables.

This presentation provides an introduction to lasso using Stata. In lasso for prediction, some conceptual aspects of the methods will be addressed. An example of continuous variable prediction comparing lasso, elastic net, square-root lasso, and ordinary least squares (OLS), among other things, will be presented, showing how to use the options to select the value of the lasso penalty parameter. In lasso for inference, some of the theory will be covered. Likewise, it will provide an example for a linear model using the double-selection, partialing-out, and cross-fit partialing-out lasso methods (also known as double machine learning), and finally, it will show how to customize individual lassos and how to use some control selection techniques.

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Miguel Dorta

Day 2: Wednesday, 7 September

3:00–4:00 Stata as support for epidemiological surveillance Abstract: During the presentation, examples of the use of Stata will be analyzed, using the COVID-19 data published by the government of Mexico,
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to build epidemic curves, weekly endemic channels, and population pyramids of morbidity, mortality, and lethality. In addition, the COVID-19 data from Mexico and some data from other studies will be used to display and analyze comparisons of means.

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Dr. Mario Martinez
UNAM Professor and former PAHO/WHO advisor
4:00–5:00 Segmentation models with Stata Abstract: In this presentation, the usefulness of quantitative segmentation and classification methodologies in the financial environment will be addressed through an application example with a SARLAFT segmentation model developed in Stata.

Brayan Rojas
KPMG Colombia

Day 3: Thursday, 8 September

3:00–4:00 Visualization, identification, and estimation in linear panel event-study design Abstract: Linear panel models and the "event-study" plots that usually accompany them are popular tools for studying the effects of economic policies.
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In this presentation, I discuss the estimation of panel event-study models using the xtevent package. The construction of event-study graphs, the economic implications of different possible identification assumptions, and the use of different econometric estimators are also discussed.

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Jorge Eduardo Pérez
Bank of Mexico
4:00–5:00 Efficiency in financial markets

Andres Cruz
Software Shop

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