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COVID-19 UPDATE: To achieve a safe, environmentally friendly, and efficient meeting, and to reduce the number of people gathered, the 2020 Chinese Stata Conference will be presented online.

Call for presentations

Does your research rely on Stata? Do you have insights that would enlighten colleagues in your field? Prepare your abstract for the 2020 Chinese Stata Conference.

The Chinese Stata Conference takes place on 19–20 August 2020. There will also be a Stata Summer Training Camp offered 17–18 and 21–22 August.

This conference will provide Stata users from across China and the world the opportunity to exchange ideas, experiences, and information on new applications of Stata. Representatives from StataCorp will attend. Anyone interested in using Stata is welcome.

Presentation guidelines

Presentation topics may include

  • discussions of community-contributed Stata commands;
  • managing or analyzing data, Stata or Mata, or use of Stata with other software or frameworks;
  • innovative use or evaluation of existing Stata commands;
  • new analysis methods that are particularly relevant to Stata users;
  • use of Stata for specific applications or case studies in specific disciplines or environments;
  • use of Stata for statistics or methods and resources; and
  • comparisons of Stata with other software including conversion from another software to Stata.

For examples of past presentations, view the proceedings page.

Submitting your presentation

Please email an abstract to Beijing Uone Info & Tech Co., Ltd. (Uone-Tech). The abstract should be in plain text format, preferably without including mathematical notation. References, if any, should be within the abstract text. In your submission, include the name and affiliation of the presenter.

The deadline for submissions is 15 August 2020.

Stata Summer Training Camp

Course name

Nonlinear models tell extraordinary stories


Wang Qunyong

Date & Time

17–18 August 2020 from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.


This training mainly introduces the basic ideas and algorithms of nonlinear models, combined with specific cases, and introduces practical operation of Stata. Stata 16 is used throughout the demonstration.

Course name

Natural experiment and causal inference


Wang Qunyong

Date & Time

21–22 August 2020 from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.


Causal inference is one of the important characteristics of micro-metric analysis. Counterfactuals are the most basic framework for causal inference. Policy endogeneity caused by self-selection and other issues has brought many obstacles to policy evaluation. This course introduces several tools to use observational data to infer causality: how to use natural experiments (or quasi-experiments) to infer causality, how to overcome policy endogenous problems, how breakpoint design weakens policy endogenous problems and model error settings problems, and how to use double check and synthetic control to construct counterfactual strategies in the panel data.

Visit the official course page for more information.


Register online

Visit the official conference page for more information.

Logistics organizer

The 2020 Chinese Stata Conference is jointly organized by Beijing Uone Info & Tech Co., Ltd. (Uone-Tech), an official reseller
of Stata in China, and the Institute of Quantitative Economics, Nankai University.

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