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Ready to learn Stata? This webpage provides easily accessible resources for students who are using Stata for the first time. And any Stata users who would like to quickly learn specific Stata features will want to look at the pages listed below.

Each page demonstrates how to use Stata to quickly and easily accomplish a particular task. The webpages are organized like Stata: there are sections for data management, graphics, and data analysis. We use worked examples to demonstrate the command syntax, include a few commonly used options, and interpret the results. Sometimes, we will dig a little deeper to make sure you fully understand the results shown in the output. We also include links to videos on the Stata YouTube channel, so you can see how to work examples using the menu system and dialog boxes. And we include links to the relevant entries in the Stata manuals, so you can read more about the command syntax and statistical methods used.

We will continue to add helpful information on this page, so check back often.

Let's get started!


Importing and exporting data

Data management

Immediate commands

Data visualization

Regression modeling and visualization of results