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Treatment effects


  • Inverse-probability weights (IPW)
  • Propensity-score matching
  • Covariate matching
  • Regression adjustment
  • Doubly robust methods
    • Augmented IPW (AIPW)
    • IPW with regression adjustment


  • Average treatment effects (ATEs)
  • ATEs on the treated (ATETs)
  • Potential-outcome means (POMs)


  • Continuous—linear
  • Binary—logistic, probit, heteroskedastic probit
  • Count—Poisson


  • Binary
  • Multilevel
  • Multivalued

Treatment/selection models

  • Logistic
  • Probit
  • Heteroskedastic probit
  • Multinomial logistic

Endogenous treatment effects

  • Count outcome
  • Continuous outcome
  • Average treatment effect (ATE)
  • Average treatment efects on the treated (ATET)
  • Robust, cluster–robust, bootstrap, and jackknife standard errors
  • Linear constraints
  • Predictions for potential-outcome mean (predicted count), observed-outcome mean, and more

Additional resource

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