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The Stata Journal is a quarterly publication containing articles about statistics, data analysis, teaching methods, and effective use of Stata’s language. The Journal publishes reviewed papers together with shorter notes and comments, regular columns, book reviews, and other material of interest to researchers applying statistics in a variety of disciplines.


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Table of contents for current issue

Stata Journal Volume 17, Number 1

Articles and Columns

Announcement of the Stata Journal Editors' Prize 2017

Creating HTML or Markdown documents from within Stata using webdoc
B. Jann

Fitting endogenous stochastic frontier models in Stata
M. U. Karakaplan

Commands for testing conditional moment inequalities and equalities
D. W. K. Andrews, W. Kim, and X. Shi

A comprehensive set of postestimation measures to enrich interrupted time-series analysis
A. Linden

Within- and between-cluster effects in generalized linear mixed models: A discussion of approaches and the xthybrid command
R. Schunck and F. Perales

Fitting the errors-in-variables model using high-order cumulants and moments
T. Erickson, R. Parham, and T. M. Whited

Capturing a Stata dataset and releasing it into REDCap
S. T. Lirette, S. R. Seals, C. Blackshear, and W. May

Spatial panel-data models using Stata
F. Belotti, G. Hughes, and A. Piano Mortari

The estimation and modeling of cause-specific cumulative incidence functions using time-dependent weights
P. C. Lambert

biasplot: A package to effective plots to assess bias and precision in method comparison studies
P. Taffé, M. Peng, V. Stagg, and T. Williamson

Estimation of unit values in household expenditure surveys without quantity information
M. Menon, F. Perali, and N. Tommasi

Generalized maximum entropy estimation of linear models
P. Corral, D. Kuehn, and E. Jabir

Notes and Comments

Software Updates

Software Updates



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