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cover Alan C. Acock's A Gentle Introduction to Stata, Fifth Edition, is aimed at new Stata users who want to become proficient in Stata. After reading this introductory text, new users will be able not only to use Stata well but also to learn new aspects of Stata.
cover An Introduction to Survival Analysis Using Stata, Revised Third Edition is the ideal tutorial for professional data analysts who want to learn survival analysis for the first time or who are well versed in survival analysis but are not as dexterous in using Stata to analyze survival data. The revised third edition has been updated for Stata 14, and it includes a new section on predictive margins and marginal effects, which demonstrates how to obtain and visualize marginal predictions and marginal effects using the margins and marginsplot commands after survival regression models.
cover Biostatistics in Public Health Using Stata demonstrates the use of Stata for statistical analyses common in public health research and in many other disciplines. For those new to Stata, the authors first provide an introduction to Stata's interface and to commands for descriptive statistics and graphics.

The fourth edition of Principles and Practice of Structural Equation Modeling by Rex Kline, like previous editions, is an ideal text for both students and researchers who want to learn the fundamental concepts of structural equation modeling (SEM) and then apply it to their own data. Easy-to-follow examples use real data, and the book's website provides files demonstrating how to reproduce results using a variety of software packages, including Stata.

cover In Ordered Regression Models: Parallel, Partial, and Non-Parallel Alternatives , Fullerton and Xu provide a thorough treatment of models for ordinal data. This book will appeal to researchers from any discipline who wish to build on their knowledge of linear, logistic, and probit regression and learn both theoretical and practical concepts related to a variety of models for ordinal outcomes.
cover Multilevel Modeling in Plain Language, by Karen Robson and David Pevalin, is a great resource for anyone looking for a nontechnical introduction to multilevel modeling. The book provides a conceptual understanding of multilevel models and the motivation for using them and includes many examples, all worked using Stata.

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