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cover Christopher F. Baum's An Introduction to Stata Programming, Second Edition, is a great reference for anyone that wants to learn Stata programming. For those learning, Baum assumes familiarity with Stata and gradually introduces more advanced programming tools. For the more advanced Stata programmer, the book introduces Stata's Mata programming language and optimization routines.
cover Multilevel Modeling in Plain Language, by Karen Robson and David Pevalin, is a great resource for anyone looking for a nontechnical introduction to multilevel modeling. The book provides a conceptual understanding of multilevel models and the motivation for using them and includes many examples, all worked using Stata.
cover Xing Liu's Applied Ordinal Logistic Regression Using Stata, is an approachable introduction to ordinal logistic regression for students and applied researchers in education, the behavioral sciences, the social sciences, and related fields. This book is a practical guide to understanding and implementing a variety of models for ordinal data.
cover Meta-Analysis in Stata: An Updated Collection from the Stata Journal, Second Edition is a complete introduction and reference for performing meta-analyses in Stata. Stata has some of the best statistical tools available for doing meta-analysis. These tools are all created by and documented by experts in the broader research community who also happen to be proficient Stata developers. Editors Tom Palmer and Jonathan Sterne show how each of the articles in this collection relates and fits in the overall literature of meta-analysis.
cover The sixth edition of Jeffrey Wooldridge's textbook, Introductory Econometrics: A Modern Approach, lives up to its subtitle in its choice of topics and its treatment of standard material. Wooldridge recognizes that modern econometrics involves much more than ordinary least squares (OLS) wit h a few extensions to handle the special cases commonly encountered in econometric data. In addition to chapters on OLS, he includes chapters on current techniques of estimation and inference for time-series data, panel data, limited dependent variables, and sample selection.

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Every installation of Stata includes all the documentation in PDF format. Stata’s documentation consists of over 12,000 pages detailing each feature in Stata including the methods and formulas and fully worked examples.
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