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Customer service

Register your Stata software

Are you moving?

Keep your registration information current. Please update our records.

Change registration

If your company has had staff changes, update your Stata registration information.

Evaluate Stata

Evaluation copies of Stata are available. The evaluation is a fully functioning copy of the software that is time limited to 30 days.

Free newsletter subscription

The Stata News is a quarterly publication containing announcements of new releases and updates, NetCourse schedules, new books, user meetings, new products, and other announcements of interest to Stata users. Subscribe for free.


Sign up to receive email alerts for new releases, Stata Press books, Stata News, Users Group meetings, or public training courses.

Join Statalist, the Stata Forum (it's free!)

Statalist is a forum where over 5,100 Stata experts and neophytes maintain a lively dialogue about all things statistical and Stata.

You can join and it’s absolutely free. You do not have to own Stata to join Statalist.

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