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This page contains only historical information and is not about the current release of Stata. Please see our Stata 14 page for information on the current version of Stata.

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New in Stata 11

Stata 11 is now shipping. Highlights are shown below. Select any header to find out more.

PDF of the Stata 11 announcement—click here.

Also visit Overview: Why use Stata? and details of Stata’s features.

Multiple imputation

  • Five univariate imputation methods
  • Multivariate normal imputation
  • Most estimation commands supported
  • Control panel guides you along
  • Manage MI datasets
  • More...

Factor variables

  • Indicators for categorical variables
  • Interactions—categorical and continuous
  • Polynomial terms
  • Factorial designs
  • More...


  • Linear and nonlinear models
  • One-step, two-step, and iterative estimators
  • Cross-sectional, time-series, and panel models
  • Easily specify panel-style instruments
  • Interactive version just like nl
  • More...

Marginal analysis

  • Estimated marginal means
  • Predictive margins
  • Average marginal effects
  • Average adjusted predictions
  • More...

Fonts in graphics

  • Italics and bold
  • Greek letters
  • Mathematical symbols
  • Superscripts and subscripts
  • Multiple font faces
  • More...

Competing-risks regression

  • Time-varying covariates
  • Cumulative incidence graphs
  • Predict relative subhazards
  • More...

PDF documentation

  • Comes with every copy of Stata
  • Includes all manuals
  • Linked from help files
  • More...

State-space models

  • VARMA Models
  • Structural time-series models
  • Unobserved component models
  • Stationary and nonstationary cases
  • Kalman filter
  • More...

Variables Manager

  • Change storage types, names, and formats
  • Add and edit value labels
  • Attach notes to variables
  • Filter variables
  • More...

Dynamic-factor models

  • Unobserved dynamic factors
  • Static factor models
  • Extracting unobserved factors
  • More...

Data Editor

  • Work reproducibly
  • Live view of data while you perform analyses
  • Filters to focus on subsets of data
  • Undo with snapshots
  • Enter dates and times easily
  • More...

Multivariate GARCH models

  • Diagonal vech model
  • ARCH and GARCH terms
  • Predict conditional volatitlity
  • More...

Do-file Editor

  • Syntax highlighting for Windows
  • Unlimited file size
  • Line bookmarks
  • Code folding
  • More...

Panel-data unit-root tests

  • Levin–Lin–Chu, Harris–Tzavalis, Breitung, and Im–Pesaran–Shin tests for unit roots
  • Fisher-type tests based on augmented Dickey–Fuller and Phillips–Perron tests
  • Hadri LM test for stationarity
  • More...


  • Object-oriented programming
  • Numerical derivative functions
  • Associative arrays
  • LAPACK functions
  • More...


  • Multiple imputation
  • State-space models
  • Dynamic-factor models
  • More...


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