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Applied Panel Data Analysis for Economic and Social Surveys
Hans-Jrgen Andre, Katrin Golsch, and Alexander W. Schmidt

Event History Analysis with Stata
Hans-Peter Blossfeld, Katrin Golsch, and Gtz Rohwer

Event History Modeling: A Guide for Social Scientists
Janet M. Box-Steffensmeier and Bradford S. Jones

Time Series Analysis for the Social Sciences
Janet M. Box-Steffensmeier, John R. Freeman, Matthew P. Hitt, and Jon C. W. Pevehouse

Multiple Imputation and Its Application
James R. Carpenter and Michael G. Kenward

Quantile Regression
Lingxin Hao and Daniel Q. Naiman

Handbook on Impact Evaluation: Quantitative Methods and Practice
Shahidur R. Khandker, Gayatri B. Koolwal, and Hussain Samad
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Applied Statistics Using Stata: A Guide for the Social Sciences
Mehmet Mehmetoglu and Tor Georg Jakobsen

Stata for the Behavioral Sciences
Michael N. Mitchell

Aplicaciones en Economía y Ciencias Sociales con Stata
Alfonso Mendoza Velázquez (editor)





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