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A Stata Companion to Political Analysis, Second Edition

New edition forthcoming

Philip H. Pollock III
Publisher: CQ Press
Copyright: 2010
ISBN-13: 978-1-60871-671-5
Pages: 237; paperback

Review of the first edition from the Stata Journal

Comment from the Stata technical group

The second edition of Philip Pollock’s A Stata Companion to Political Analysis can guide you whether you are taking your first political-science course or teaching one. The new edition has been updated for Stata 10 and Stata 11 and makes extensive use of the Graph Editor. Also new are line graphs, which are often clearer and more effective than bar graphs.

Each chapter is a tutorial with a rich set of exercises. The tutorials will teach you how to control Stata with either the command line or the graphical user interface—whichever mode fits the task. The book also surveys the statistical methods that professional political scientists use; the treatment of research methods deftly incorporates data management, graphical analysis, and statistics into the political-science domain. The thorough examples show how to complete each task with Stata while giving firsthand experience in political research.

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