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A Stata Companion to Political Analysis, Third Edition

$54.50 each

Philip H. Pollock III
Publisher: CQ Press
Copyright: 2015
ISBN-13: 978-1-45224-042-8
Pages: 199; paperback
Price: $54.50

Comment from the Stata technical group

The third edition of Philip Pollock’s A Stata Companion to Political Analysis is an excellent guide, whether you are taking your first political-science course or teaching one. The new edition was written using Stata 13, but the datasets can be read with Stata 11 through 13. Like the previous editions, the book maintains the same instructional insights and focus on how to present results effectively.

Each chapter is a tutorial with a rich set of exercises. The book surveys the statistical methods that professional political scientists use; the treatment of research methods deftly incorporates data management, graphical analysis, and statistics into the political-science domain. In this edition, the author emphasizes the use of do-files as a unified way of working with Stata. Also, the author complements the content of the previous edition by illustrating the benefits of the margins and marginsplot commands as tools to use and interpret results after estimation. He also discusses the topic of weighted and unweighted data. The thorough examples show how to complete each task with Stata while giving firsthand experience in political research.

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