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Stata technical support policy

Eligibility for Technical Services

All registered users of the current release of Stata (Stata 14) and the previous release (Stata 13) are eligible for free technical support. If you have not registered your copy of Stata, please fill out the online registration form.

If you are using a network copy of Stata or if your institution has a Stata term license, it is unlikely that you are the registered user. This is not a problem, and you are still eligible for technical support, but you will need to provide the Stata serial number that you are using. (To locate the Stata serial number, type about in Stata's Command window.) You will also need to have access to the Stata documentation.

Determine if your question is appropriate for technical support

Would you look for the answer to your question in a statistics book or in the Stata documentation? If the answer would be in a statistics book, then your question may not be appropriate for technical support, but there are alternatives.

Contact Technical Services

If you cannot find the answer to your question using the resources above, please contact Stata Technical Services.





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