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NetCourse® 151: Introduction to Stata Programming

Become an expert in organizing your work in Stata. Make the most of Stata's scripting language to improve your workflow and create concretely reproducible analyses. Learn how branching, looping, flow of control, and accessing saved estimation results can speed up your work and lead to more complete analyses. Learn about bootstrapping and Monte Carlo simulations, too.
Course lecturer:
Bill Gould, president of StataCorp and head of development
Course leaders:
Kerry Kammire, technical services analyst at StataCorp
Derek Wagner, technical services analyst at StataCorp
Course length:
6 weeks (4 lectures)
July 11–August 22, 2014 (details)
  • Stata 13, installed and working.
  • Basic knowledge of using Stata interactively
  • Internet web browser, installed and working
    (course is platform independent)
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Course content

Lecture 1: Organization of analysis

Lecture 2: Macros, arguments, and looping

There is a one-week break between Lectures 2 and 3 in this course because we have found that the extra time is necessary for discussion.

Lecture 3: Examples and applications

Lecture 4: Ado-files

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