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Would you like to choose the time and set the pace of a NetCourse? Would you like to have a personal NetCourse instructor? Then, enroll in a NetCourseNow. All lectures will be posted at once, and you will be given the email address of your personal NetCourse instructor to whom you can email questions about the lectures. Enroll now, and begin when you're ready.

Available courses:
NetCourseNow 101: Introduction to Stata
NetCourseNow 151: Introduction to Stata Programming
NetCourseNow 152: Advanced Stata Programming
NetCourseNow 461: Introduction to Univariate Time Series with Stata
NetCourseNow 471: Introduction to Panel Data Using Stata
NetCourseNow 631: Introduction to Survival Analysis Using Stata

Self-paced:  Course length and dates depend on individual progress.

Prerequisites:  Please see individual course details for course requirements.


You must own or have access to Stata 12 or 13 and provide the serial number to enroll in these courses. (Upgrade info.)
NetCourseNow 101, Introduction to Stata $195.00 Enroll
NetCourseNow 151, Introduction to Stata Programming $250.00 Enroll
NetCourseNow 152, Advanced Stata Programming $325.00 Enroll
NetCourseNow 461, Introduction to Univariate Time Series with Stata $495.00 Enroll
NetCourseNow 471, Introduction to Panel Data Using Stata $495.00 Enroll
NetCourseNow 631, Introduction to Survival Analysis with Stata $495.00 Enroll

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