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The 2017 Canadian Stata Users Group meeting takes place on June 9 at the Bank of Canada.

The meeting will provide Stata users the opportunity to exchange ideas, experiences, and information on new applications of the software. Everybody interested in using Stata is welcome.

Call for presentations

Does your research rely on Stata? Do you have insights that would enlighten colleagues in your field? Prepare your abstract for the 2017 Canadian Stata Users Group meeting.

Presentation guidelines

All users are encouraged to submit abstracts, from which a subset will be chosen for either a short (15 minutes) or a long (25 minutes) presentation (both to be followed by 5 minutes for questions). Any topic related to Stata or relevant to Stata users is appropriate, including the following:

  • New user-written commands for model estimation, graphing, data management, results reporting, or other purposes
  • New approaches for using Stata to manage or analyze data, for programming Stata or Mata, or for using Stata together with other software or frameworks
  • Innovative uses or evaluations of existing Stata commands
  • New analytic methods of particular relevance to Stata users
  • Case studies of using Stata for specific applications or in specific disciplines or settings
  • Methods and resources for teaching statistics with Stata or for teaching the use of Stata
  • Comparisons of Stata to other software

For examples of past presentations, view the proceedings page.

Submitting your presentation

If you would like to discuss an idea for a presentation or have questions about the program format, please contact a member of the scientific committee. Presentations longer than 25 minutes will be considered at the discretion of the committee.

Please submit an abstract of no more than 200 words (ASCII text, no math symbols) using the web submission form. All abstracts must be received by February 13, 2017. Please include a short, informative title, and indicate whether you wish to be considered for a short (15-minute) or long (25-minute) presentation. In addition, if your presentation has multiple authors, please identify the presenter, for whom the conference registration fee will be waived.

Presenters will be asked to provide the organizers with electronic materials (a copy of the presentation and any programs or datasets, where applicable) so that the materials can be posted on the StataCorp website and in the Stata Users Group RePEc archive.


The meeting will be held at:

Bank of Canada
234 Wellington Street
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
K1A 0G9

Information on accommodations and registration is coming soon.

Scientific committee

Kim Huynh (Chair)
Senior Research Advisor
Bank of Canada

Vicki Stagg
Statistical Analyst
Calgary Statistical Support

Linda Vrbova, MSc, PhD
Senior Epidemiologist
Centre for Food-borne, Environmental & Zoonotic Infectious Diseases
Public Health Agency of Canada

Julia Paul
Field Service Training Unit, Health Security Infrastructure Branch
Public Health Agency of Canada

Matthias Schonlau
Professor of Statistics
University of Waterloo

Marcel-Cristian Voia
Associate Professor
Co-Director of the Centre for Monetary and Financial Economics
Carleton University





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