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Programming features

Programming features

  • Sophisticated parsing
  • Looping and branching
  • Markup and control language
  • Access to internal system variables
  • Binary and text file I/O
  • ODBC/SQL support
  • Access to files on the Internet
  • List processing
  • Path and file utilities
  • Extensive set of functions for string and data manipulation, including regular expressions
  • Window management
  • Automation

Object-oriented programming

  • Inheritance
  • Encapsulation of data structures and programs
  • Program-name overloading

Menu language

  • Add items to existing menus
  • Add new menus
  • Create dialog interfaces

Long string/BLOB support

  • Up to 2,000,000,00-character long strings
  • Binary "string" (BLOBs)
  • Import entire files into BLOBs/long strings
  • Export files from BLOBs/long strings

Project Manager

  • Handle dozens or hundreds of scripts at once
  • Portable project file/collections for working on multiple computers or sharing with colleagues

Programming utilities for...

  • Debugging programs
  • Measuring convergence
  • Marking relevant sample
  • Storing results
  • Handling time-series variables
  • Confirming variable types
  • Controlling display formats
  • Parsing factor variables


  • Ability to add new commands to Stata
  • Ado: scripting language
  • Mata: C/C++ like compiled (byte-code) matrix programming language
  • Mata: object-oriented programming
  • Open development environment: access to the same programming tools StataCorp developers use
  • Access to source of many Stata commands and Mata functions
  • Plugins (DLLs or shared objects)
  • Java plugins—call Java libraries directly from Stata

Creation of Word and Excel files

  • Programmatic access to create Word documents
  • High level import/export of full Excel worksheets
  • Low level cell-by-cell access to write results to and read data from Excel

Numerics by Stata

  • Create applications with the power of Stata inside them; see the Numerics by Stata page for more information.

Additional resource

See New in Stata 13 for more about what was added in Stata 13.

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