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Bayesian Analysis Reference Manual

Publisher:  Stata Press
Copyright:  2015
ISBN-13:  978-1-59718-149-5
Pages:  255
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Table of contents

intro Introduction to Bayesian analysis

bayes Introduction to commands for Bayesian analysis

bayesmh Bayesian regression using Metropolis–Hastings algorithm

bayesmh evaluators User-defined evaluators with bayesmh

bayesmh postestimation Postestimation tools for bayesmh

bayesgraph Graphical summaries and convergence diagnostics

bayesstats Bayesian statistics after bayesmh
bayesstats ess Effective sample sizes and related statistics
bayesstats ic Bayesian information criteria and Bayes factors
bayesstats summary Bayesian summary statistics

bayestest Bayesian hypothesis testing
bayestest interval Interval hypothesis testing
bayestest model Hypothesis testing using model posterior probabilities

set clevel Set default credible level


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