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Stata support

Keeping Stata 5 up to date

This is the Stata 5 updates page. If you require updates for a later release, click here.

Update Platform Date
Stata Executables Stata 5 for Windows 98/95/NT 15 May 1998
Stata 5 for Windows 3.1 14 Oct 1997
Stata 5 for Macintosh 11 May 1998
Stata 5 for Unix 14 Oct 1997
Stata ado-files All operating systems November 1998

There are two components to Stata

  • the Stata executable
  • the Stata ado-files

These are updated separately.

You update the Stata executable only rarely. Updating your copy of Stata 5 is simply a matter of downloading a file.

More frequently you should update the ado-files.

Have questions? First check the Frequently Asked Questions. Join Statalist, the official Stata forum — it is a place to ask questions and get answers. If you want assistance learning Stata — from its basic to its advanced features — check out our NetCourses.





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