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Last updated: 02 April 2015

Current FAQs

Why do I see small line stripes in my filled contour plot?

How do I graph data onto a map with spmap?

Visual overview for creating graphs

How can I best get box plots on logarithmic scales?

How can I show scale breaks on graphs?

How can I get a histogram with varying bin widths?

FAQs concerning releases before Stata 11

How do I graph data onto a map with tmap?

How can I get "nice" time-of-day labels on a graph?

How can I get "nice" date labels on a graph?

How do I make my graphs come out square?

How can I create a pie or bar chart containing categorical data?

How do I make a frequency plot using Stata?

How can I change the format of data for my axes?

How many items can be identified in the legend?

How do I connect points only within groups?

How do I join paired points on a graph?





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