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This page contains only historical information and is not about the current release of Stata. Please see our features page for information on the current version of Stata.

What's new in Stata Release 8

Stata 8 is the most significant upgrade to Stata ever. Here are a few highlights of the new features of Stata 8. Learn more about all of Stata's facilities by visiting our features section.

data management
  • a whole new look
  • publication quality
  • more
  • Vector autoregression (VAR), structural vector autoregression (SVAR), vector error-correction models (VECMs)
  • Stochastic frontier models
  • Cox with group-level frailty
  • more
Data management
  • ODBC support with support for full SQL selection
  • 26 new missing value codes .a, .b, ..., .z
  • more
Programming features
  • Object-oriented programming
  • programmable GUI
  • more
  • find what you need in the menus
  • fill in the dialog
  • click OK, and the dialog will submit the command to Stata
  • you may use commands or GUI
  • 17 to 43% faster
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