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Educational single-user upgrades from Stata/MP 13 (32-core)

You must be affiliated with a degree-granting institution to receive educational pricing.

Pricing Descriptions  

Options for upgrading your Stata/MP 13 (32-core) are below.

  • Place the order.
  • An automated response will be emailed to you confirming that your order has been sent.
  • Once we process the order, we will send an email to you with your new license. You already have the installation files for Stata/IC, Stata/SE, and Stata/MP; they were included with your original Stata 13 installation. Your license, activation instructions, and invoice will be emailed to you.

You may prefer to order through your local Stata distributor. ALL PRICES IN USD


Upgrade to Stata/MP 13 (64-core)




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