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NetCourseNowTM 152: Advanced Stata Programming

Learn how to create and debug your own commands that are indistinguishable from the commands in Stata. You will be able to parse both standard and nonstandard Stata syntax using the intuitive syntax command, to manage and process saved results, to post your own saved results, to process by-groups, to create data management commands, to program your own maximum-likelihood estimator, and more. In short, learn to create commands that act just like the commands that ship with Stata.
Stata 13 or Stata 12, installed and working
Course content of NetCourseNow 151 or equivalent knowledge
Internet web browser, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari, installed and working
(Course is platform independent)

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Course content

Lecture 1: Parsing Stata syntax / The basics of Stata programming

Lecture 2: Parsing Stata syntax / The basics of Stata programming

Lecture 3: Using scalars and macros & introduction to low-level parsing

Lecture 4: Returning results and writing estimation commands

Lecture 5: List processing, controlling program output, & naming conventions

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