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Introduction to Social Statistics: The Logic of Statistical Reasoning

Thomas Dietz and Linda Kalof
Publisher: WileyBlackwell
Copyright: 2009
ISBN-13: 978-1-4051-6902-8
Pages: 569; hardcover
Price: $69.50

Comment from the Stata technical group

In Introduction to Social Statistics: The Logic of Statistical Reasoning, Thomas Dietz and Linda Kalof present and expand on standard introductory statistics. They detail how statistical concepts have or could relate to everyday events, such as studies of crime versus poverty or treaty participation. The authors take their time exposing each new topic and are not shy about delving into ancillary topics, such as profiling famous statisticians or exploring the role of women in the field of statistics. Such discussions are boxed in grey to readily set them apart from the main discussion.

Dietz and Kalof cover various topics, including describing and displaying univariate data, plotting relationships between variables, probability, sampling distributions, estimation, confidence intervals, hypothesis tests, ANOVA, contingency tables, and regression.

Table of contents

List of Tables
List of Figures
1 An Introduction to Quantitative Analysis
2 Some Basic Concepts
3 Displaying Data One Variable at a Time
4 Describing Data
5 Plotting Relationships and Conditional Distributions
6 Causation and Models of Causal Effects
7 Probability
8 Sampling Distributions and Inference
9 Using Sampling Distributions: Confidence Intervals
10 Using Sampling Distributions: Hypothesis Tests
11 The Subtle Logic of Analysis of Variance
12 Goodness of Fit and Models of Frequency Tables
13 Bivariate Regression and Correlation
14 Basics of Multiple Regression
Appendix A: Summary of Variables Used in Examples
Appendix B: Mathematics Review
Appendix C: Statistical Tables
Glossary of Key Terms
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