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Survey Data Analysis Using Stata


This course covers how to use Stata for survey data analysis assuming a fixed population. We will begin by reviewing the sampling methods used to collect survey data, and then discuss how they act in the estimation of totals, ratios, and regression coefficients. We will then cover the three variance estimators implemented in Stata’s survey estimation commands. Strata with a single sampling unit, certainty sampling units, subpopulation estimation, and poststratification will also be covered in some detail. This workshop will combine slides for displaying methods and formulas with an interactive Stata session.

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Course topics

Learning outcomes

Attendees of this workshop will walk away with the following knowledge:


Knowledge of Stata is not required, but attendees are assumed to have some statistical knowledge, such as what is typically covered in an introductory statistics course. This workshop is geared toward data analysis professionals who are not familiar with the survey data features in Stata.


This is a two-day course. All training courses generally run for eight hours per day and include morning and afternoon breaks and a lunch break. You can arrange a convenient schedule with your instructor and training coordinator.

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