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Unix updates

Stata 7 for Unix — 18 July 2002 update:

Platform Intercooled
Special Edition
DEC Alpha (OSF 4.0) stata.bin.Z stata-se.bin.Z
DEC Alpha (OSF 4.0) GUI xstata.bin.Z xstata-se.bin.Z
HP/9000 stata.bin.Z stata-se.bin.Z
HP/9000 GUI xstata.bin.Z xstata-se.bin.Z
IBM RS/6000 stata.bin.Z stata-se.bin.Z
IBM RS/6000 GUI xstata.bin.Z xstata-se.bin.Z
Linux (ELF glibc) static libraries stata.bin.Z stata-se.bin.Z
Linux (ELF glibc) static libraries GUI xstata.bin.Z xstata-se.bin.Z
Linux (ELF glibc) dynamic libraries stata.bin.Z stata-se.bin.Z
Linux (ELF glibc) dynamic libraries GUI xstata.bin.Z xstata-se.bin.Z
Sun SOLARIS stata.bin.Z stata-se.bin.Z
Sun SOLARIS GUI xstata.bin.Z xstata-se.bin.Z

Which update do I have installed?


  1. You must already have Stata 7 for Unix installed.
  2. Click to copy the appropriate file above. Save the file anywhere; we will pretend you save it in /home/me/stata.bin. You need not be superuser yet.
  3. Exit your browser (if you wish).
  4. Become superuser, change to the Stata directory, move the old Stata, copy in the new one, and change permissions:
            % su
            # cd /usr/local/stata
            # mv stata stata.OLD
            # mv /home/me/stata.bin stata
            # chmod a+x stata
            # exit
  5. Try Stata. (You do not have to reinitialize your license or reinstall Stata.)
  6. You can erase the old executable when you wish.





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