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Macintosh updates

Stata 6 for Macintosh — 15 Aug 2000 update:

Stata for Power Macs
Flavor Filename Size
Intercooled Stata Stata.ppc.sea.hqx 1091k
Small Stata smStata.ppc.sea.hqx 1020k

Stata for 680x0 Macs (non-Power Macs)
Flavor Filename Size
Intercooled Stata Stata.68k.sea.hqx 1008k
Pseudo-Intercooled Stata Stata.noFPU.68k.sea.hqx 1050k
Small Stata smStata.68k.sea.hqx 1045k

Which update do I have installed?

Note:   StuffIt Deluxe 5 owners may have problems with some binhex files due to bugs in early versions of StuffIt Deluxe 5. If you find you're having trouble decoding binhex files from this website, make sure you have the latest version of StuffIt Deluxe 5 by visiting Aladdin's website at Aladdin Systems, Inc.


  1. You must already have Stata 6 for Macintosh installed on your computer. Be sure that you are not currently running Stata.
  2. Get a copy of StuffIt Expander if you do not already have it. You can get it from Aladdin Systems, Inc.
  3. Drag your old Stata application (Stata, smStata, or Stata.noFPU) to the trash. Leave the rest of your Stata folder intact!
  4. Click to copy one or more of the files above. If possible, save the file to your Stata folder. If your browser automatically saves it to a default location, you'll have to locate the file before you can continue.
  5. At this point, one of three things can happen:

    • Your browser automatically launches StuffIt Expander and converts the .hqx file to a self-extracting archive (.sea) for you. It then continues by expanding the .sea file into a new Stata application. If this is the case, go to the next step.
    • Your browser automatically launches StuffIt Expander and converts the .hqx file for you. It does not expand the resulting self-extracting archive (.sea). If so, double-click the .sea file to expand it.
    • Your browser saves the .hqx file but does not automatically launch StuffIt Expander. If so, drop the .hqx file onto the StuffIt Expander icon. StuffIt Expander will convert the .hqx file into a .sea file. It may continue with the file and expand the .sea file into a new Stata application. If so, continue with the next step. If it does not automatically expand the .sea file, double-click on the .sea file to expand it.
  6. Move the new Stata application into your Stata folder if it's not already there.
  7. Try Stata. (You do not have to reinitialize your license or reinstall Stata.)
  8. If there are no transmission errors, it will work.





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