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How can I put the current date and time in my log files?

Title   Current date and time
Author Jeremy B. Wernow, StataCorp
David Kantor, Johns Hopkins University
Date June 2000; updated February 2003

You can put the current date and time into your log files by displaying the global macros where these values are stored.

For example,

 . display "$S_DATE"
 14 Feb 2003

 . display "$S_TIME"

 . display "$S_TIME  $S_DATE"
 15:53:17  14 Feb 2003

The current date and time are also available as part of the c() class, see [P] creturn.

 . display c(current_date)
 14 Feb 2003

 . display c(current_time)

 . display "`c(current_time)' `c(current_date)'"
 15:56:32  14 Feb 2003

David Kantor suggests the following ado-file:

 *! version 1.0
 * Datetime procedure.  Just displays the date and time.
 * Good for use in logged sessions.
 * By David Kantor.  9-26-97
 version 7.0
 program define datetime 
 disp "DateTime: $S_DATE $S_TIME"

It is then easy to include datetime in your do-files.





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