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Activation Key request and registration

Registering your Stata software is important. As a registered Stata user, you are entitled to technical assistance should you have any questions. By providing your mailing address below, you will be kept informed of any new products or advancements that have been announced.

Please fill in the information below, and we will send your Stata License and Activation Key by the next business day.

Already have your Stata license codes?

If you have previously registered your Stata software, there is no need to re-register.

I have read the license agreement for Stata and agree to all conditions and terms of the license. I request to be registered as an authorized user of Stata. StataCorp has a strict privacy policy; we do not give out or sell any user information.

First name
Last name
Department/Field of Study
Email address
Stata serial number
Look at your green card.
Postal mailing address
Address line 1
Street address, etc.
Address line 2
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Postal code or ZIP

Yes, I would like to receive emails regarding the following:

New releases of Stata
New books published by Stata Press
Availability and table of contents of the Stata Journal
Users Group meetings
Public training courses

We appreciate that our users do not want to be inundated with email. Those who sign up to receive email alerts can anticipate receiving no more than a few emails in a month. For example, someone who signs up to be informed of Users Group meetings may receive four emails in one year.

To ensure delivery of alerts to your inbox, add to your address book.


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