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Upgrade Stata Student Lab quote request

Student Lab licenses are licenses that are strictly for use by students and by faculty for teaching at degree-granting institutions.

We would be happy to send you a price quote.

Use the form below if you want to upgrade or add users to an existing Student Lab. If you do not already have Stata, request a quote for a new lab. If you are not interested in an Student Lab, view our standard upgrade Stata quote request form.

  • Please fill out as much information as possible.
    This will help us to give you an accurate estimate and verify that the Stata package you chose is right for you.

  • Starred (*) items are required.

  • Press Submit to send the completed form to StataCorp.

Tell us about yourself

Name *

Email address * (privacy policy)

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University *

Country to which Stata will be shipped  * 

Describe the Student Lab that you currently have

My serial number is

You may find your Stata serial number by typing about in Stata.

If you can provide your Stata serial number (above), you can skip the rest of this section and move on to Describe the Stata package and license that you want.

The Stata I currently have is *

What is the total number of users permitted on your current Lab?
Minimum: 10

Describe the Student Lab upgrade that you want

The Stata I’m interested in is * (current version: 14)

If you are unsure, see Which Stata is right for me?

What is the total number of users that will use the new Student Lab concurrently?
Minimum: 10


Please include the following number of Stat/Transfer Lab users in my quote:
Minimum: 10

Questions or comments

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