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User-written commands

Find out what other users are downloading on the SSC archive

The Statistical Software Components (SSC) archive, hosted by Boston College (USA) and maintained by Christopher F. Baum, is the largest collection of user-written Stata programs for data manipulation, statistics, and graphics. Existing Stata commands search, ssc describe, and ssc install make locating and installing user-written programs a snap.

Now you can see what other users are finding most useful on the SSC archive. Just type

         . ssc whatshot

Stata command ssc whatshot lists the most popular user-written packages available for download at the SSC. By default, the top ten packages are listed. Typing ssc whatshot, n(15) would list the top fifteen. Typing ssc whatshot, author(cox) would list the top ten packages written by people named Cox. Popularity is based on a moving average of the number of downloads in the past three months.

Here’s “What’s Hot” on SSC as of February 2017:

Top 10 packages at SSC

Rank February 2017
# of hits
Package Author(s)
1 32711.0 rsource Roger Newson
2 30472.8 outreg2 Roy Wada
3 27877.7 unique Tony Brady
4 24659.7 estout Ben Jann
5 24295.0 vallist Patrick Joly
6 10965.8 regsave Julian Reif
7 8612.3 distinct Nicholas J. Cox
Gary Longton
8 6949.0 ivreg210 Mark E Schaffer
Steven Stillman
Christopher F Baum
9 6904.0 ivreg2 Mark E Schaffer
Steven Stillman
Christopher F Baum
10 6866.8 ivreg29 Mark E Schaffer
Steven Stillman
Christopher F Baum

In Stata, you can click on the name of a package to learn more about it.





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