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Logistic regression table

Stata supports all aspects of logistic regression through the following commands:

Alternative-specific conditional logit regression asclogit
Alternative-specific multinomial probit regression asmprobit
Alternative-specific rank-ordered probit regression asroprobit
GLM models for the binomial family binreg
Bivariate probit regression biprobit
Logit regression for grouped data blogit
Probit regression for grouped data bprobit
Conditional (fixed-effects) logistic regression clogit
Complementary log-log regression cloglog
Exact logistic regression exlogistic
Generalized linear models glm
Weighted least-squares logistic regression for grouped data glogit
Weighted least-squares probit regression for grouped data gprobit
Probit model with selection heckprobit
Heteroskedastic probit model hetprobit
Probit model with endogenous regressors ivprobit
Logistic regression, reporting coefficients logit
Multilevel mixed-effects complementary log-log regression mecloglog
Multilevel mixed-effects generalized linear model meglm
Multilevel mixed-effects logistic regression melogit
Multilevel mixed-effects probit regression meprobit
Multinomial (polytomous) logistic regression mlogit
Multinomial probit regression mprobit
Nested logit regression nlogit
Ordered logistic regression ologit
Ordered probit regression oprobit
Probit regression probit
Rank-ordered logistic regression rologit
Skewed-logistic regression scobit
Stereotype logistic regression slogit
Survey version of heckprobit svy: heckprobit
Survey version of logistic svy: logistic
Survey version of logit svy: logit
Survey version of mlogit svy: mlogit
Survey version of ologit svy: ologit
Survey version of oprobit svy: oprobit
Survey version of probit svy: probit
Random-effects and population-averaged cloglog models xtcloglog
GEE population-averaged generalized linear models xtgee
Fixed-effects, random-effects, and population-averaged logit models xtlogit
Random-effects ordered logistic regression xtologit
Random-effects ordered probit regression xtoprobit
Random-effects and population-averaged probit models xtprobit

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