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Standardization of rates

  • Direct standardization
  • Indirect standardization

Tables for epidemiologists

  • 2 x 2 and 2 x 2 stratified tables for longitudinal, cohort study, case–control, and matched case–control data
  • Odds ratio, incidence ratio, risk ratio, risk difference, and attributable fraction
  • Confidence intervals for the above
  • Chi-squared, Fisher’s exact, and Mantel–Haenszel tests
  • Tests for homogeneity
  • Choice of weights for stratified tables: Mantel–Haenszel, standardized, or user specified
  • Exact McNemar test for matched case–control data
  • Tabulated odds and odds ratios
  • Score test for linear trend

Table symmetry and marginal homogeneity tests

  • n x n tables where there is one-to-one matching of cases and controls
  • Asymptotic symmetry and marginal homogeneity tests
  • Exact symmetry tests
  • Transmission disequilibrium test (TDT)

U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) submittals

Two-way table of frequencies

Brier score decomposition

Receiver operating characteristic (ROC) analysis

Generalized linear models for the binomial family

  • Individual-level or grouped data
  • Odds ratios, risk ratios, health ratios, and risk differences


  • Pharmacokinetic measures from time-and-concentration subject-level data
  • Tests that measurement is normally distributed
  • Analysis of data from crossover design experiment
  • Tests of bioequivalence for two treatments

ICD-9-CM diagnostic and procedure codes

  • Verify that a variable contains valid codes
  • Modify codes to display in standard format
  • V30, V29, V28, V27, V26, V25, V24, V22, V21, V19, V18, and V16 codes
  • Display a description of codes
  • Display the identity of source
  • More

Kappa measure of interrater agreement

  • Two unique raters
  • Weights for weighting disagreements
  • Nonunique raters, variables record ratings for each rater
  • Nonunique raters, variables record frequency of ratings

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