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Veterinary Epidemiologic Research, Second Edition

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Ian Dohoo, Wayne Martin, and Henrik Stryhn
Publisher: VER Inc.
Copyright: 2010
ISBN-13: 978-0-919013-60-5
Pages: 865; hardcover
Price: $119.00

Review of the first edition from the Stata Journal

Supplements:datasets and do-files (from

Comment from the Stata technical group

Veterinary Epidemiologic Research, Second Edition is a new edition of a popular graduate-level text on veterinary epidemiology. Although many of the examples relate to veterinary epidemiology, the principles apply equally to human epidemiology (except some of the diseases may not be familiar).

New are chapters on Bayesian methods, spatial data, and the epidemiology of infectious diseases. There are also expanded discussions of meta-analysis, diagnostic tests, survival analysis, controlled studies, clustering, and repeated measures.

All terms and epidemiological measures are clearly defined, and all notations and formulas are identified with examples. Designs discussed in this text include cohort studies, case–control studies, two-stage sampling designs, and controlled trials. Several statistical models are also discussed: linear regression, logistic regression, multinomial logistic regression, the Poisson model, survival analysis, and mixed-effects models.

The datasets used in the examples, as well as examples using Stata, are thoroughly described in the text and are available on the book’s web site,

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