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Using Stata for Quantitative Analysis, Second Edition

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Kyle C. Longest
Publisher: Sage
Copyright: 2014
ISBN-13: 978-1-4833-5663-1
Pages: 272; paperback
Price: $44.50
Kyle C. Longest
Publisher: Sage
Copyright: 2014
Pages: 272; eBook
Price: $0.00

Comment from the Stata technical group

Using Stata for Quantitative Analysis, Second Edition, by Kyle C. Longest, provides an excellent introduction to Stata for users who have never used statistical analysis software before. The book starts at square one, describing Stata's graphical interface, how to import data from Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, and how to use the Data Editor. Subsequent chapters show how to obtain descriptive statistics, create do-files, manage data, produce graphs, and perform basic analyses using linear regression and analysis of variance.

Longest's book is noteworthy because it carefully blends Stata's menu system and dialog boxes on one hand and command syntax on the other, giving users a balanced view of how Stata can be used. The book sets aside more advanced details in boxes titled "A Closer Look", which can be skipped on first reading but provide additional information that users will want to know once they are comfortable with the basics.

The second edition has been updated for Stata 13. New topics include one- and two-sample tests of proportions, immediate commands for obtaining tests and confidence intervals from summary statistics, and how to locate and install user-written commands.

This book can be used as a supplemental textbook in both undergraduate and graduate social science courses on statistical methods to help students learn how to use Stata. Practitioners needing to learn Stata quickly will also find this book helpful.

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