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Statistical Models in Epidemiology

David Clayton and Michael Hills
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Copyright: 1993
ISBN-13: 978-0-19-852221-8
Pages: 367; hardcover
Price: $89.50

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Table of contents

I  Probability Models and Likelihood
1 Probability models
2 Conditional probability models
3 Likelihood
4 Consecutive follow-up intervals
5 Rates
6 Time
*7 Competing risks and selection
8 The Gaussian probability model
9 Approximate likelihoods
10 Likelihood, probability, and confidence
11 Null hypotheses and p-values
*12 Small studies
13 Likelihoods for the rate ratio
14 Confounding and standardization
15 Comparison of rates within strata
16 Case-control studies
17 Likelihoods for the odds ratio
18 Comparison of odds within strata
19 Individually matched case-control studies
*20 Tests for trend
*21 The size of investigations
II  Regression Models
22 Introduction to regression models
23 Poisson and logistic regression
24 Testing hypotheses
25 Models for dose-response
26 More about interaction
27 Choice and interpretation of models
*28 Additivity and synergism
29 Conditional logistic regression
30 Cox’s regression analysis
31 Time-varying explanatory variables
*32 Three examples
33 Nested case-control studies
34 Gaussian regression models
35 Postscript
III  Appendices
A Exponentials and logarithms
*B Some basic calculus
*C Approximate profile likelihoods
D Table of the chi-squared distribution

* Denotes a chapter which could be omitted from a first course.

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