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Regression with Graphics support materials

Provided here are the files for use with the text Regression with Graphics by Lawrence C. Hamilton (Pacific Grove, CA: Brooks/Cole, 1992).

There are 43 .dta datasets. You may download them in either of two formats:

rwg.zip PKZIP format, 39K
rwg.tar.Z Unix tar.Z format, 43K

We suggest that you create a new directory, such as C:\rwg, and copy the materials there.

Information on the individual datasets, including the original source, is provided below. Note that the datasets used in the book sometimes diverge from the original in that they contain only a subset of the variables or observations. Please also give credit to the original researchers if you write about or otherwise use the data.

Datasets are documented under the chapter in which they first appear.

Chapter 1: Variable distributions


Hamilton, Lawrence C. 1983. Saving water: A causal model of household conservation. Sociological Perspectives 26(4):355–374.

Contains data                              Hamilton (1983)
  Obs:   496  
 Vars:    10 
  1. case         int    %8.0g             case ID number
  2. water81      int    %8.0g             Summer 1981 Water Use
  3. water80      int    %8.0g             Summer 1980 Water Use
  4. water79      int    %8.0g             Summer 1979 Water Use
  5. income       byte   %8.0g             Income in Thousands
  6. educat       byte   %8.0g             Education in Years
  7. retire       byte   %8.0g    retirelb head of house retired?
  8. peop81       byte   %8.0g             # of People Resident, 1981
  9. cpeop        byte   %8.0g             Increase in # of People
 10. peop80       byte   %8.0g             # people living in 1980
Sorted by:  case  


Vergino, Eileen S. 1989. Soviet test yields. EOS Transactions, American Geophysical Union. 70(48):1511.

Contains data                              Vergino (1989)
  Obs:    19  
 Vars:    10 
  1. test         byte   %8.0g             case number
  2. month        byte   %8.0g    mlbl     Month
  3. day          byte   %8.0g             Day
  4. year         int    %8.0g             Year
  5. isc          float  %9.0g             Internat'l Seismic Ctr magnitud
  6. sykes        float  %9.0g             Sykes and Ruggi magnitude
  7. pub          int    %8.0g             Published Yield in Kilotons
  8. region       byte   %8.0g    reg      Region of Khazakhstan
  9. rock         byte   %8.0g    rklbl    Rock Type
 10. emplace      byte   %8.0g    elbl     Emplacement Conditions  


Lioy, Paul L., Jed M. Waldman, Arthur Greenberg, Ronald Harkov, and Charles Pietarninen. 1988. The total human environmental exposure study (THEES) to Benzo(a)pyrene: Comparison of the inhalation and food pathways. Archives of Environmental Health 43(4):304–312.

Contains data                              Lioy et al. (1988)
  Obs:    14  
 Vars:     3 
  1. outdoor      byte   %8.0g             Med. Outdoor Air PM-10 (ug/m^3)
  2. indoor       int    %8.0g             Home #8 Indoor PM-10 (ug/m^3)
  3. id           byte   %8.0g             day ID # (not sequential)  


Furness, R. W. and T. R. Birkhead. 1984. Seabird colony distributions suggest competition for food supplies during the breeding season. Nature 311:655–656.

Contains data
  Obs:    27 (max=  2055)                  Furness & Birkhead (1984)
 Vars:     3 (max=   254)
  1. colony       str14  %14s              Colony
  2. pop          int    %8.0g             Breeding Population (# pairs)
  3. area         float  %9.0g             Foraging Grounds (km^2)
Sorted by:  pop  

Chapter 2: Bivariate regression analysis


U.S. Census Bureau. 1987. Statistical Abstract of the United States.

Contains data                              Accidental Oil Spills 1973-85
  Obs:    13  
 Vars:     4 
  1. year         int    %8.0g             Year
  2. tankers      int    %8.0g             Number of Tankers Afloat
  3. spills       byte   %8.0g             Number Accidental Oil Spills
  4. lost         float  %9.0g             Oil Lost, million metric tons  


D. Halliwell data reprinted by Committee on Monitoring and Assessment of Trends in Acid Deposition. 1986. Acid Deposition: Long-Term Trends. Washington, DC: National Academy Press.

Contains data                              Halliwell (1986)
  Obs:    15  
 Vars:     3 
  1. stream       str13  %13s              trubutary of Miller River MA
  2. spec83       byte   %8.0g             Number of Fish Species
  3. ph83         float  %9.0g             Average Summer pH  


Rabinowitz, Michael, Herbert Needleman, Michael Burley, Hollister Finch, and John Rees. 1984. Lead in umbilical blood, indoor air, tap water, and gasoline in Boston. Archives of Environmental Health 39(4):299–301.

Rabinowitz, Michael, Allen Leviton, Herbert Needleman, David Bellinger, and Christine Waternaux. 1985. Environmental correlates on infant blood levels in Boston. Environmental Research 38:96–107.

Contains data                              Rabinowitz et al. (1984)
  Obs:    20  
 Vars:     9 
  1. year         int    %8.0g             Year
  2. month        byte   %8.0g             Month
  3. gas          int    %8.0g             Statewide leaded gas, met.tons
  4. blood        float  %9.0g             Lead in u.cord blood, ug/dL
  5. water        float  %9.0g             Lead in tap water, ug/L
  6. air          float  %9.0g             Lead in air, ug/cu M
  7. furn         float  %9.0g             Lead furniture dust, ug/area
  8. floor        float  %9.0g             Lead floor dust, ug/area
  9. window       int    %8.0g             Lead window dust, ug/area  


Cairns, David K. 1988. The regulation of seabird colony size: A hinterland model. The American Naturalist 134(1):141–146 (also see Furness and Birkhead, 1984).

Contains data                              Cairns (1989)
  Obs:    22  
 Vars:     3 
  1. colony       str12  %12s              Colony
  2. area         float  %9.0g             Foraging Area (km^2)
  3. pop          int    %8.0g             Breeding Population (# pairs)  


Rathbun, Galen B. 1988. Fixed-wing airplane versus helicopter surveys of manatees (trichechus manatus). Marine Mammal Science 4(1):71–75.

Contains data                              Rathbun (1988)
  Obs:    10  
 Vars:     5 
  1. month        str8   %9s               Month
  2. date         byte   %8.0g             Date
  3. plane        byte   %8.0g             Count from Fixed-Wing Airplane
  4. copter       byte   %8.0g             Count from Helicopter
  5. river        str7   %9s               River  

Chapter 3: Basics of multiple regression


Data from New Hampshire Water Supply and Pollution Control Commission.

Contains data                              Lee, NH well test data
  Obs:    53  
 Vars:     3 
  1. deep         byte   %8.0g    deeplbl  bedrock or shallow well?
  2. droad        int    %8.0g             distance to salted rd, feet
  3. chlor        int    %8.0g             chloride concentration, mg/l  


Archer, Victor F. 1987. Association of lung cancer mortality with Precambrian granite. Archives of Environmental Health 42:87–91.

Cohen, Bernard L. 1988. Letter to editor, Archives of Environmental Health 43(4):313–314.

Archer, Victor F. 1988. Response to Cohen, Archives of Environmental Health 43(4):314–315.

Contains data                              Archer (1987) & Cohen (1988)
  Obs:    30  
 Vars:    11 
  1. radon        float  %9.0g             Mean Radon Concentration (pCi/L
  2. cancer       float  %9.0g             Wt.Female Lung Cancer (x10^-5/y
  3. number       int    %8.0g             Number of Household Radon Tests
  4. state        byte   %8.0g    state    State
  5. locale       byte   %8.0g    locale   Reading Prong, other locations
  6. reading      byte   %8.0g             Reading Prong dummy
  7. fringe       byte   %8.0g             Fringe area dummy
  8. Ereading     byte   %8.0g             effects-coded Reading
  9. Efringe      byte   %8.0g             effects-coded fringe
 10. control      byte   %8.0g             control area dummy
 11. county       str11  %11s              County  


Johnson and Siccama data reprinted by Committee on Monitoring and Assessment of Trends in Acid Deposition. 1986. Acid Deposition: Long-Term Trends. Washington, DC: National Academy Press.

Contains data                              Johnson & Siccama (1986)
  Obs:    64  
 Vars:     7 
  1. sitenum      byte   %8.0g             site number
  2. site         str24  %24s              site
  3. north        byte   %8.0g    north    North vs. South
  4. elev         int    %8.0g             Elevation in Meters
  5. damage       byte   %8.0g             Pct. of Spruce loss + dead
  6. loss         byte   %8.0g             Pct. of Spruce w/50% crown loss
  7. dead         byte   %8.0g             Pct. of Spruce dead
Sorted by:  sitenum  


Rom, William N., James E. Lockey, Ki Moon Bang, Charles Dewitt, and Richard E. Johns. 1983. Reversible beryllium sensitization in a prospective study of beryllium workers. Archives of Environmental Health 38(5):303–307.

Contains data                              Rom et al. (1983)
  Obs:    15  
 Vars:     5 
  1. id           byte   %8.0g             worker ID number
  2. age          byte   %8.0g             Age in Years
  3. employ       byte   %8.0g             Employment Duration in Years
  4. expose       byte   %8.0g             Beryllium Exposure Level
  5. lt79         float  %9.0g             Lymphocyte Transformation 1979
Sorted by:  id  


Ruben, John A. and Arthur J. Boucot. 1989. The origin of the lungless salamanders (Amphibia: plethodontidae). The American Naturalist 134(2):161–169.

Contains data                              Ruben & Boucot (1989)
  Obs:    10  
 Vars:     5 
  1. id           byte   %8.0g             species ID number
  2. species      str18  %18s              Species
  3. type         byte   %8.0g    type     Lungs vs. Lungless
  4. oxy          byte   %8.0g             % Cutaneous O2 Consumption
  5. head         float  %9.0g             Relative Head Width  

Chapter 4: Regression criticism


World Bank. 1987. World Development Indicators 1987. Washington, DC.

Contains data
  Obs:   128 (max=  2055)                  World Development Indicators 87
 Vars:     5 (max=   254)
  1. nation       int    %8.0g    country  Nation
  2. encon85      int    %8.0g             Energy Consumption per Person
  3. popgro85     float  %9.0g             Mean Annual Population Growth
  4. fert84       int    %8.0g             Fertilizer Use per Hectare
  5. birthr85     byte   %8.0g             Crude Birth Rate  


Concord Water Department. 1982.

Contains data                              Concord Water Department (1982)
  Obs:   137  
 Vars:     7 
  1. year         byte   %8.0g             Year
  2. month        byte   %8.0g    monthlbl Month
  3. time         int    %8.0g             index number 1-137
  4. H2Ouse       float  %9.0g             average daily water use
  5. temp         float  %9.0g             average monthly temperature
  6. rain         float  %9.0g             precipitation in inches
  7. educ         byte   %8.0g             conservation campaign dummy
Sorted by:  time  


Contains data                              C.A.R. cassava production
  Obs:    33  
 Vars:     6 
  1. year         int    %8.0g             Year
  2. area         int    %8.0g             cultivated area 1000 hectares
  3. product      int    %8.0g             production in 1000 metric tons
  4. yield        int    %8.0g             kilograms per hectare
  5. pop          int    %8.0g             population in 1000s
  6. price        float  %9.0g             price index based on 1980  


Iannacchione, Anthony T. and Donald G. Puglio. 1979. Methane Content and Geology of the Hartshorne Coalbed in Haskell and Le Flore Counties, Okla., RI 8407. Washington, DC: U.S. Bureau of Mines.

Contains data                              Iannacchione & Puglio (1979)
  Obs:    15  
 Vars:     3 
  1. sample       byte   %8.0g             Sample number
  2. depth        int    %8.0g             Overburden in Feet
  3. gas          float  %9.0g             Gas Content, cm^3/g
Sorted by:  sample  


Hicks, D. Murray, M.J. McSaveney, and T.J. Chinn. 1990. Sedimentation in proglacial Ivory Lake, Southern Alps, New Zealand. Arctic and Alpine Research 22(1):26–42.

Contains data                              Hicks et al. (1990)
  Obs:    19  
 Vars:     8 
  1. id           byte   %8.0g             basin ID number
  2. basin        str19  %19s              Basin
  3. area         float  %9.0g             Drainage Area (km^2)
  4. precip       int    %8.0g             Mean Annual Precipitation (mm)
  5. runoff       int    %8.0g             Mean Annual Runoff (mm)
  6. glacier      byte   %8.0g             Percent Glacierized
  7. yield        int    %8.0g             Mean Annual Sediment Yield (t/k
  8. location     byte   %8.0g    location Location
Sorted by:  id  


Charpin, D., J.P. Kleisbauer, J. Fondarai, B. Graland, A. Viala, F. Gouezo. 1988. Respiratory symptoms and air pollution changes in children: the Gardanne coal-basin study. Archives of Environmental Health 43(1):22–27.

Contains data                              Charpin et al. (1988)
  Obs:    10  
 Vars:     4 
  1. town         str8   %9s               Town/Gardanne Coal Basin France
  2. so2          int    %8.0g             Mean 2-Week SO2 Levels (ug/m^3)
  3. pulm         byte   %8.0g             Mean % Children w/Pulmonary Sym
  4. ent          byte   %8.0g             Mean % Children w/ENT Symptoms  

Chapter 5: Fitting curves


Hurd, Michael L. 1986. The Geochemistry of Chromium in the Great Bay Estuary and the Gulf of New Hampshire (Master's Thesis). Durham: University of New Hampshire.

Contains data                              Hurd (1986)
  Obs:    13  
 Vars:     2 
  1. crfe         float  %9.0g             Cr/Fe ratio
  2. depth        byte   %8.0g             Depth in cm  


Office of Population Censuses and Surveys. 1987. Period and Cohort Birth Order Statistics. London: Her Majesty's Stationery Office.

Contains data                              England and Wales Fertility
  Obs:    37  
 Vars:     9 
  1. age          byte   %8.0g             Women's Age
  2. c1920        byte   %8.0g             % female cohort with >=1 child
  3. c1930        byte   %8.0g             % female cohort with >=1 child
  4. c1940        byte   %8.0g             % female cohort with >=1 child
  5. c1945        byte   %8.0g             % female cohort with >=1 child
  6. c1950        byte   %8.0g             % female cohort with >=1 child
  7. c1955        byte   %8.0g             % female cohort with >=1 child
  8. c1960        byte   %8.0g             % female cohort with >=1 child
  9. c1965        byte   %8.0g             % female cohort with >=1 child
Sorted by:  age  


Capuzzo, Judith M. and Franz E. Anderson. 1973. The use of modern chromium accumulation to determine estuary sedimentation rates. Marine Geology 14:225–235.

Contains data                              Capuzzo & Anderson (1973)
  Obs:     7  
 Vars:     3 
  1. station      byte   %8.0g             Station
  2. dist         float  %9.0g             Distance from Discharge, km
  3. high         int    %8.0g             Highest Chromium, ppm
Sorted by:  station  


Council on Environmental Quality. 1985. Environmental Quality: 1985. Washington, DC: Council on Environmental Quality.

Contains data                              Council Env Quality (1985)
  Obs:    50  
 Vars:     4 
  1. nation       int    %8.0g    cname    Nation
  2. gr83         float  %9.0g             growth rate: BR-DR 1983
  3. gnp85        int    %8.0g             1985 per capita GNP
  4. defor2       float  %9.0g             deforestation, percent per year  


Soler, Alfonso. 1990. Dependence on latitude of the relation between the diffuse fraction of solar radiation and the ratio of global-to-extraterrestrial radiation for monthly average daily values. Solar Energy 44(5):297–302.

Contains data                              Soler (1990)
  Obs:    28  
 Vars:     4 
  1. site         str13  %13s              European Location
  2. lat          float  %9.0g             North Latitude, degrees
  3. c            float  %9.0g             proportion diffuse=c+d(pro glob
  4. d            float  %9.0g             proportion diffuse=c+d(pro glob  


Bache, C.A., J.W. Serum, W.D. Youngs, and D.J. Lisk. 1972. Polychlorinated biphenyl residues: Accumulation in Cayuga Lake trout with age. Science 117:1192–1193.

Contains data                              Bache et al. (1972)
  Obs:    28  
 Vars:     2 
  1. age          byte   %8.0g             Lake trout age in years
  2. pcb          float  %9.0g             PCB concentration (ppm)  


Risk, Michael J. and Paul W. Sammarco. 1991. Cross-shelf trends in skeletal density of the massive coral Porites lobata from the Great Barrier Reef. Marine Ecology Progress Series 69:195–200.

Contains data                              Risk & Sammarco (1991)
  Obs:    27  
 Vars:     3 
  1. reef         str17  %17s              Great Barrier Reef site
  2. distance     float  %9.0g             Distance from shore (km)
  3. density      float  %9.0g             Density (g cm^-3)  


Tembo, A. 1987. Population status of the hippopotamus on the Luangwa River. African Journal of Ecology 25:71–77.

Contains data                              Tembo (1987)
  Obs:    10  
 Vars:     2 
  1. year         int    %8.0g             Year
  2. total        int    %8.0g             Total Hippo Population Estimate  


DeBlois, E.M. and W.C. Leggett. 1991. Functional response and potential impact of invertebrate predators on benthic fish eggs: analysis of the Calliopius laeviusculus-capelin (Mallotus villosus) predator-prey system. Marine Ecology Progress Series 69:205–216.

Contains data                              DeBlois & Leggett (1991)
  Obs:    26  
 Vars:     2 
  1. density      byte   %8.0g             Initial egg density (eggs cm^-3
  2. eaten        float  %9.0g             Number eaten/amphipod  

Chapter 6: Robust regression


McDonald, G.C. and Ayers, J.A. 1978. Some applications of the ‘Chernoff faces’: a technique for graphically representing multivariate data. In Graphical Representation of Multivariate Data, P.C.C. Wang, ed. 183–197. New York: Academic.

McDonald, G. C. and Schwing, R.C. 1973. Instabilities of regression estimates relating air pollution to mortality. Technometrics, 15, 463–481.

Goodall, Colin. 1983. Examining Residuals, Understanding Robust and Exploratory Data Analysis. David C. Hoaglin, Frederick Mosteller, and John W. Tukey, ed. 211–246. New York: Wiley.

Contains data                              McDonald & Ayers (1978)
  Obs:    60  
 Vars:    19 
  1. old          float  %9.0g             % 65 and over
  2. pop_hse      float  %9.0g             population per household
  3. educ         float  %9.0g             median education of pop 25+
  4. gdhse        float  %9.0g             % sound housing units
  5. nonw         float  %9.0g             % nonwhite
  6. wcol         float  %9.0g             % white collar employment
  7. poor         float  %9.0g             % families with income<$3000
  8. mort         float  %9.0g             age-adjusted mortality/100K
  9. popden       int    %8.0g             people per square mile
 10. hc           int    %8.0g             relative HC pollution potential
 11. nox          int    %8.0g             relative NOx pollution potentia
 12. so2          int    %8.0g             relative SO2 pollution potentia
 13. smsa         str12  %12s              SMSA
 14. state        str2   %9s               State
 15. rain         byte   %8.0g             avg. yearly precip. inches
 16. jan          byte   %8.0g             avg. January temperature, F
 17. july         byte   %8.0g             avg. July temperature, F
 18. humid        byte   %8.0g             avg relative humidity, %
 19. case         byte   %8.0g             case ID number
Sorted by:  smsa  


Council on Environmental Quality. 1988. Environmental Quality: 1987–1988. Washington, DC: Council on Environmental Quality.

Contains data                              Sediment Contam. in Estuaries
  Obs:    37  
 Vars:     5 
  1. id           byte   %8.0g             estuary ID number
  2. bay          str23  %23s              Estuary
  3. state        str2   %9s               State
  4. pcb84        float  %9.0g             Total PCBs 1984 (ppb)
  5. pcb85        float  %9.0g             Total PCBs 1985 (ppb)
Sorted by:  id  


Traynor, G.W., M.G. Apte, A.R. Carruthers, J.F. Dillworth, D.T. Grimsrud, and L.A. Gundel. 1987. Indoor air pollution due to emissions from wood-burning stoves. Environmental Science and Technology 21(7):691–696.

Contains data                              Traynor et al. (1987)
  Obs:    11  
 Vars:     5 
  1. time         float  %9.0g             Burn Time in Hours
  2. fuel         float  %9.0g             Kg of Wood Burned
  3. peakCO       float  %9.0g             peak CO concentration
  4. stove        byte   %8.0g    slbl     Stove-Test
  5. type         byte   %8.0g    t        Type of Stove
Sorted by:  type  


Okaeme, A.N., E.A. Agbelusi, J. Mshelbwala, M.Wari, A. Ngulge, and M. Haliru. 1988. Effects of Immobilon and Revivon in the immobilization of western kob (Kobus kob kob). African Journal of Ecology 26:63–67.

Contains data                              Okaeme et al. (1988)
  Obs:     9  
 Vars:     2 
  1. dosewt       float  %9.0g             dosage divided by weight
  2. dist         int    %8.0g             Meters Covered Before Dropping  


Haith, Douglas A. 1976. Land use and water quality in New York Rivers. Journal of the Environmental Engineering Division, ASCE 102:1–15.

Allen, David M. and Foster B. Cady. 1982. Analyzing Experimental Data by Regression. Belmont, CA: Wadsworth.

Simpson, D.G., D. Ruppert, and R.J. Carroll. 1989. One-step GM-estimates for regression with bounded influence and high breakdown-point. Technical Report 859, School of Operations Research and Industrial Engineering, Cornell University.

Contains data                              Haith (1976)
  Obs:    20  
 Vars:     5 
  1. basin        str11  %11s              River Basin
  2. ac           byte   %8.0g             % Land Active Agriculture
  3. fr           byte   %8.0g             % Land Forest, Brushland,etc.
  4. ur           float  %9.0g             % Land Urban Use (rs+ci)
  5. n            float  %9.0g             Total Nitrogen, mg/l  

Chapter 7: Logit regression


Glaister, David H. and Nita L. Miller. 1990. Cerebral tissue oxygen status and psychomotor performance during lower body negative pressure (LBNP). Aviation, Space, and Environmental Medicine 61(2):99–105.

Contains data                              Glaister & Miller (1990)
  Obs:     8  
 Vars:     3 
  1. subject      str2   %9s               Subject
  2. age          byte   %8.0g             Age
  3. signs        byte   %8.0g             Syncopal signs: 0=no, 1=yes  


Stacey, Conway Ivan, William Stanley Perriman, and Susan Whitney. 1985. Organochlorine pesticide residue levels in human milk: Western Australia, 1979–1980. Archives of Environmental Health March/April 40(2):102–108.

Contains data                              Stacey et al. (1985)
  Obs:    45  
 Vars:     5 
  1. id           byte   %8.0g             case ID number
  2. age          byte   %8.0g             Age of Mother
  3. suburb       byte   %8.0g    suburb   New Suburb?
  4. termites     byte   %8.0g    ants     House Treated for White Ants?
  5. dieldrin     byte   %8.0g             dieldrin > .009 ppm
Sorted by:  id  

Chapter 8: Principal component and factor analysis


Beatty, J. Kelly, Brian O'Leary, and Andrew Chaikin, eds. 1981. The New Solar System. Cambridge, MA: Sky Publishing.

Contains data                              Beatty et al. (1981)
  Obs:     9  
 Vars:     7 
  1. planet       byte   %8.0g    plbl     Planet
  2. dsun         float  %9.0g             Mean dist. sun, km*10^6 
  3. radius       float  %9.0g             Equatorial radius in km
  4. masskg       float  %9.0g             Mass in kilograms
  5. density      float  %9.0g             Mean density, g/cm^3 
  6. moons        byte   %8.0g             Number of known moons
  7. rings        byte   %8.0g    rlbl     Has rings?  


Blocker, T. Jean and Douglas Lee Eckberg. 1989. Environmental issues as women's issues: General concerns and local hazards. Social Science Quarterly 70(3):586–593.

Contains data                              Blocker & Eckberg (1989)
  Obs:   300  
 Vars:    17 
  1. deepwell     byte   %8.0g    serious  deep well chemical injection
  2. chandler     byte   %8.0g    serious  Chandler landfill undergr. fire
  3. tornados     byte   %8.0g    serious  tornados serious problem?
  4. floods       byte   %8.0g    serious  floods serious problem?
  5. airpol       byte   %8.0g    serious  pollution in Tulsa's air
  6. rivpol       byte   %8.0g    serious  pollution Tulsa's rivers/stream
  7. lessenvt     byte   %8.0g    agree    relax pollution controls
  8. manykids     byte   %8.0g    agree    OK to have many kids
  9. shutdown     byte   %8.0g    agree    shut industries if polluting
 10. toocons      byte   %8.0g    agree    use natural resources
 11. pollburd     byte   %8.0g    agree    pollution control unfair burden
 12. privown      byte   %8.0g    agree    no public control of owned reso
 13. taxbabes     byte   %8.0g    agree    tax on >2 kids for pop control
 14. punish       byte   %8.0g    agree    polluting managers fined/jailed
 15. preserve     byte   %8.0g    agree    preserve resource for future
 16. nchldn       byte   %8.0g             # children living at home
 17. sex          byte   %8.0g    sex      sex  


Meffe, Gary K. and Andrew L. Sheldon. 1988. The influence of habitat structure on fish assemblage composition in Southeastern blackwater streams. The American Midland Naturalist 120(2):225–236.

Contains data                              Meffe & Sheldon (1988)
  Obs:    49  
 Vars:     8 
  1. site         str4   %9s               site
  2. mdepth       float  %9.0g             Mean Depth (cm)
  3. mwidth       float  %9.0g             Mean Width (m)
  4. mvelo        float  %9.0g             Mean Current Velocity (cm/sec)
  5. silt         float  %9.0g             % silt substrate
  6. leaves       float  %9.0g             % leaves substrate
  7. sand         float  %9.0g             % sand substrate
  8. mud          float  %9.0g             % mud substrate  


Seyfrit, Carole L. 1989. North Sea oil and Scotland's youth: High school students' attitudes toward community, family, and the oil industry. Paper presented at annual meeting of the American Sociological Association, San Francisco.

Contains data                              Seyfrit (1989)
  Obs:    42  
 Vars:     6 
  1. famconf      byte   %8.0g    agre     should confide in family
  2. differ       byte   %8.0g    agre     out of luck if different
  3. critical     byte   %8.0g    agre     people critical others here
  4. home         byte   %8.0g    agre     home most pleasant in world
  5. badname      byte   %8.0g    agre     bad name if you're different
  6. famsac       byte   %8.0g    agre     should sacrifice for family  

Appendix 2: Computer-intensive methods


Dingman, S. Lawrence, Diana M. Seely-Reynolds, and Robert C. Reynolds III. 1988. Application of kriging to estimating mean annual precipitation in a region of orographic influence. Water Resources Bulletin 24(2):329–339.

Contains data                              NE Precipitation/Elevation
  Obs:   102  
 Vars:     5 
  1. id           byte   %8.0g             gage ID number
  2. gauge        str16  %16s              Site of Rain Gauge
  3. state        byte   %8.0g    stat     State or Province
  4. elev         int    %8.0g             Elevation in Meters
  5. map30        float  %9.0g             30-Year Mean An.Precip., cm  

Appendix 3: Matrix algebra


Brown, Lester R., William U. Chandler, Christopher Flavin, Cynthia Pollock, Sandra Postel, Linda Starke, and Edward C. Wolf. 1986. State of the World 1986. New York: W.W. Norton.

Contains data                              Brown et al. (1986)
  Obs:     5  
 Vars:     4 
  1. site         str14  %14s              Reactor Site
  2. decom        byte   %8.0g             Decommissioning Costs in $milli
  3. capacity     int    %8.0g             Capacity in Megawatts
  4. years        byte   %8.0g             Years in Operation  

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