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Regression Models for Categorical and Limited Dependent Variables

$79.75 each

J. Scott Long
Publisher: Sage
Copyright: 1997
ISBN-13: 978-0-8039-7374-9
Pages: 297; hardcover
Price: $79.75

Comment from the Stata technical group

Regression Models for Categorical and Limited Dependent Variables, by J. Scott Long of Indiana University, is accessible to students and professionals alike. The author provides a unified treatment of the most prevalent and useful models for categorical and limited dependent variables. The book places a strong emphasis on model interpretation that is not found in most statistics texts. The mathematics is thorough but is complementary rather than focal.

This is an excellent resource for an introduction to the categorical and limited dependent variables or as a desk reference.

For Stata users, the book benefits greatly from the associated software. Dr. Long has developed and made available a suite of Stata commands to implement many of the techniques discussed in the book and programs to do the analyses that are contained in his book. The commands and programs can be accessed by pointing your web browser to They can also be installed directly in Stata with just a few net commands.

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