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Regression Analysis of Count Data, Second Edition

$52.50 each

A. Colin Cameron and Pravin K. Trivedi
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Copyright: 2013
ISBN-13: 978-1-107-66727-3
Pages: 566; paperback
Price: $52.50

Comment from the Stata technical group

Cameron and Trivedi’s Regression Analysis of Count Data, Second Edition, has been completely revised to reflect the latest developments in the analysis of count data. A new chapter approaches count-data modeling from a Bayesian perspective, and simulation and bootstrap methods have been incorporated into most of the chapters. Material from the first edition has also been reorganized to improve exposition and present the most popular methods earlier within each chapter. The book is written in a technical yet lucid manner so that it will be valuable both to those who are new to count-data models and to seasoned professionals looking for a concise reference.

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