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Microeconometrics: Methods and Applications

$89.50 each

A. Colin Cameron and Pravin K. Trivedi
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Copyright: 2005
ISBN-13: 978-0-521-84805-3
Pages: 1,048; hardcover
Price: $89.50

Comment from the Stata technical group

Microeconometrics: Methods and Applications, by A. Colin Cameron and Pravin Trivedi, provides the broadest treatment of microeconometrics available. It gives a sound introduction to the theory so that researchers can use the theory to solve their particular problems.

It covers such a wide choice of topics and models by summarizing some of the theoretical points without ignoring the many important model-implementation details.

In addition to the standard topics, this book provides thorough treatments of causality and data structures. Moreover, the chapter-length treatments of semiparametric methods, the bootstrap, simulation-based estimation, and estimation with data from complex survey designs provide exceptional coverage of these up-and-coming techniques. In the process, the book discusses more specific models than any other microeconometrics textbook.

The book will be especially interesting to Stata users because the authors have posted do-files and datasets so that you can replicate nearly all the examples in their book at

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