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Essential Medical Statistics, Second Edition

Betty R. Kirkwood and Jonathan A. C. Sterne
Publisher: Blackwell Science
Copyright: 2003
ISBN-13: 978-0-86542-871-3
Pages: 501; paperback
Price: $54.00

Comment from the Stata technical group

This text gives an excellent overview of the basics of medical statistics and achieves a good balance between classic methodology, such as contingency tables, and more sophisticated models, such as Cox regression. As personal computers become more powerful, the use of complex models in leading medical journals is becoming more prevalent, and the second edition of this text follows this shift by focusing more on these models. A very nice section on basic meta-analysis is also included.

Covered in the text are the basics of normal-based tests and inference, including linear regression, contingency tables and logistic regression, longitudinal analysis, Poisson regression, survival analysis (including the Cox model), likelihood theory, meta-analysis, Bayesian statistics, basic design, sample-size calculations, and measurement error.

Table of contents

Preface to the second edition
Preface to the first edition
Part A Basics
1 Using this book
2 Defining the data
3 Displaying the data
Part B Analysis of numerical outcomes
4 Means, standard deviations and standard errors
5 The normal distribution
6 Confidence interval for a mean
7 Comparison of two means: confidence intervals, hypothesis tests and P-values
8 Using P-values and confidence intervals to interpret the results of statistical analyses
9 Comparison of means from several groups: analysis of variance
10 Linear regression and correlation
11 Multiple regression
12 Goodness of fit and regression diagnostics
13 Transformations
Part C Analysis of binary outcomes
14 Probability, risk, and odds (of disease)
15 Proportions and the binomial distribution
16 Comparing two proportions
17 Chi-squared tests for 2 x 2 and larger contingency tables
18 Controlling for confounding: stratification
19 Logistic regression: comparing two or more exposure groups
20 Logistic regression: controlling for confounding and other extensions
21 Matched studies
Part D Longitudinal studies: Analysis of rates and survival times
22 Longitudinal studies, rates and the Poisson distribution
23 Comparing rates
24 Poisson regression
25 Standardization
26 Survival analysis: displaying and comparing survival patterns
27 Regression analysis of survival data
Part E Statistical modelling
28 Likelihood
29 Regression modelling
30 Relaxing model assumptions
31 Analysis of clustered data
32 Systematic reviews and meta-analysis
33 Bayesian statistics
Part F Study design, analysis and interpretation
34 Linking analysis to study design: summary of methods
35 Calculation of required sample size
36 Measurement error: assessment and implications
37 Measures of association and impact
38 Strategies for analysis
Appendix: Statistical Tables
A1 Areas in tail of the standard normal distribution
A2 Percentage points of the standard normal distribution
A3 Percentage points of the t distribution
A4 Two-sided P-values for the t distribution, according to the value of the test statistic
A5 Percentage points of the χ2 distribution
A6 Probits
A7 Critical values for the Wilcoxon matched pairs signed rank test
A8 Critical ranges for the Wilcoxon rank sum test
A9 Random numbers
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