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Applied Econometrics for Health Economists, Second Edition

$34.75 each

Andrew Jones
Publisher: Radcliffe Publishing
Copyright: 2007
ISBN-13: 978-1-846-19171-8
Pages: 120; paperback
Price: $34.75

Comment from the Stata technical group

Applied Econometrics for Health Economists: A Practical Guide, Second Edition, by Andrew Jones intuitively discusses the major methods used in applied health economics. In each discussion, Jones uses Stata to analyze real data and interprets the results. Because the discussions are concise, are intuitive, and relegate all equations to an appendix, this book is an excellent choice for students or researchers who need quick, but surprisingly complete, introductions to or reviews of the main health-econometric methods for individual-level data.

As is clear from the table of contents below, the book’s coverage is thorough. Each chapter is short and quickly covers an important topic for applied health economics. The combination of these first-rate short discussions and the illustrative Stata examples ensure that both students and researchers will widely use this book.

Table of contents

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