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Analysis of Health Surveys

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Edward L. Korn and Barry I. Graubard
Publisher: Wiley
Copyright: 1999
ISBN-13: 978-0-471-13773-3
Pages: 382; hardcover
Price: $134.50
Edward L. Korn and Barry I. Graubard
Publisher: Wiley
Copyright: 1999
Pages: 382; eBook
Price: $0.00

Comment from the Stata technical group

This book relishes answering those thorny “how to” questions that emerge when analyzing data from a survey administered to a sample with a complex design. Although the examples and some of the topics pertain to biostatistical issues, this is a book that would interest any researcher doing applied work with survey data.

Analysis of Health Surveys answers many of the most frequently asked questions posed by researchers analyzing real survey data. For instance, there is a whole chapter on analyzing data from multiple surveys, a special section on strata with one sampled primary sampling unit, and another section dedicated to making recommendations for using sample weights.

This book is filled with examples of how to estimate and interpret various types of regression models for cross-sectional and longitudinal data. The fact that this book contains an appendix that briefly describes the sample designs of the surveys used in the examples of the book illustrates how instructive the “hands on” aspects of this text are.

This book does not shy away from derivations. There is a very nice introduction to survey methodology, and claims are treated rigorously throughout. However, the claims and supporting arguments are of great practical use.

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