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Re: st: What is the proper way of modifying user-created ado-files. . .

From   Roy Wada <>
Subject   Re: st: What is the proper way of modifying user-created ado-files. . .
Date   Thu, 19 Nov 2009 14:15:01 -0800

> Roy brings up an interesting point.  How are contributions to SSC or
> user-written programs in general evaluated in academe?  In my
> experience, these would need to be refereed by one's peers to count
> academically.

One way is to put it through Stata Journal. I assume this was one of
the main motivation for establishing it. I don't think it carries much

However, in order for user-written programs to be treated seriously by
the rest of academia, they must be treated seriously by the
programmers by themselves. This means authorship must be respected. If
authorship is not respected or defended, then it cannot be considered
a part of academia. It's a necessary but not sufficient condition.
People who knowingly violate other people's authorship cannot be a
part of this.

Anyone interested in presenting their programs as a serious academic
work should give serious considerations to including a citation and a
paragraph or two documenting the origins of ideas that led to the
creation of that program. Smaller programs obviously do not require


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