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RE: st: ICE in STATA 10.0

From   "Nick Cox" <[email protected]>
To   <[email protected]>
Subject   RE: st: ICE in STATA 10.0
Date   Mon, 7 Jan 2008 15:32:44 -0000

Perhaps I am misunderstanding, but it seems from this that Richard has
experienced some problems 
with -adoupdate- catching SJ Software Updates. If so, please report them
in the usual way with specific
evidence to Stata technical support. 

I am a bit surprised by the suggestion that _1, _2, etc. should
henceforth mean older versions. 
I really don't see any case for it whatsoever. I think changing the
logic would prove very confusing 
almost everywhere. 

Rather, if there is a problem it is with -adoupdate-, so that is the
to fix. (And I am not saying this merely because the Software Updates
are nearer
my territory.) 

As far as -ssc- is concerned, -ssc whatever, replace- is surely the way
to proceed. 
There should typically be no reason to uninstall anything yourself. As a
grandparent of -ssc-, I can attest that quite a lot of thought and work
went into its design
to ensure that was so. 

[email protected] 
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Subject: RE: st: ICE in STATA 10.0

At 09:11 AM 1/7/2008, Nick Cox wrote:
>Richard's last line is spot on.
>Putting on a hat as an Editor of the Stata Journal, I affirm that we 
>are happy to publish Software Updates as submitted to us by the authors

>of software previously published through the Journal or the STB. There 
>are some constraints on this process, but not many, and they shouldn't 
>surprise you if I spelled them out.

One other thing to realize is that, even if SJ does provide an update,
-adoupdate- won't catch it, because the update is always published with
a new name, e.g. the original might be st0067 and the latest update
st0067_2.  So, if you are using something from SJ, you need to manually
check whether there is a newer version.  Perhaps it would make more
sense for SJ to always have the latest version have the same name while
providing older versions with _1, _2 type extensions.  Keeping the older
versions around is mostly useful for when you want to exactly reproduce
the results of the original article.  That is useful, but I think most
people are more concerned with having the latest software.

I sent SJ the newest version of my -gologit2- program partly because I
got all these messages about how this or that feature didn't work.
These were all features that were added after the program was first
published in SJ.  I'm sure I've sent out quite a few messages just
telling people to uninstall whatever version they have and install the
SSC version instead.

Anyway, SJ is great, but my advice is, before downloading, check to see
if SSC doesn't have the same program.  If it does, my guess is the vast
majority of the time it will be as good or better as what SJ has.

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